Odds Are Domino’s New Marketing Campaign Is Doomed To Fail And How You Can Learn A Lesson From It.


In case you have not heard, Domino’s Pizza has a new marketing campaign going on and it is doing a wholesale change across the board on its recipe for its pizzas beginning December 27th, 2009. They are changing everything about their pizzas. The sauce, cheese mix and crust. It will now be “new and improved”.
The Short Version…

A little bit longer version

Regardless of how great it is, the odds of them seeing their sales go down are about 98% to 99% and going up only 1% to 2%. This is actually predictable if you have the knowledge of behavior modeling of your purchasing base or just a fancy way of saying, knowing your customers.  But, there is a special area of study that most marketers do not know about.

Would you like to know why? If so, I am about to let you in on a very little known secret that could have saved Domino’s millions of dollars in research and more than likely 10’s of millions of dollars in future lost sales.

If you have read my blog for a while here you have heard me speak about Marilyne and Wyatt Woodsmall. They are some of the world’s leading human behavior modelers.

Marilyne and Wyatt created and developed a system called Personality Language. They modeled how people make decisions, what motivates them, how they communicate with others and the best way to communicate with them to get people to do the things you want. Pretty powerful stuff that only a select group of marketing wonk’s and top end performers in various fields have heard about.

There are also some sales rules they are breaking that will add to the situation.

Now I hate to be a tease here, but I will give you a more detailed explanation on why I predict a train wreck for Domino’s and how they can fix this error for only $5,000.

So, I put it all in the video above.   I promise you my explanation will all make sense and you won’t want to miss the rest of this story.  Plus, you will see why you never, ever want to do what Domino’s is doing.  Let me know what you think!

Also, I got a taste of the NEW Domino’s Pizza and I tell you what I think about it.


Andrew Anderson

PS  Here is the link I speak about in the video  www.PeoplePatternPower.com .

Here is the link for the interview I did with Marilyne Woodsmall that I speak about too, along with a link to the book I mention, Personality Language.

4 Responses

  1. Andrew-

    There are an infinite number of reasons why the internet is a fabulous tool to educate, entertain, etc.

    You (and your website/blog) are not among them.

    Your logic is supremely flawed, and I feel sorry for anyone that listens to and follows your advice.

    As someone that has worked on billion dollar brands (Pampers, Tide, Bounty, Pantene, etc.) with leadership market share, I know product reformulations/relaunches drive business growth.

    Good luck with your business — try to do as little damage as possible.

  2. Derek,

    Thanks for the response and opinion.

    Is that the same logic you spoke about that Coke used so wonderfully well when they got rid of the Classic Coke formula and dropped sales by nearly 50% or some very large number like that until that brought it back?

    I truly wish Domino’s the best, but I trust the testing that the Woodsmall’s have done over 30 years. I also trust the evidence of similar campaigns by Coke and a host of other companies over the past 100 years.

    I must also add the wisdom of Claude Hopkins and Ogilvy.

    I guess the proof shall be in the pudding here shortly.

    Andrew Anderson

  3. why this video will fail 1st: the first 10secs, and the last 13mins (i’m guessing since i actually only got thru the 1st 10secs of nonsensical rambling)

    sorry, but if you can’t put together a basic presentation stating your theory in a way that makes sense- how am i to believe anything that comes after that. also there’s a dollar sign in your logo. really… really?

  4. Natko

    Well, could I have made my point sooner? Sure and I had planned an actually doing a shorter video on it. The Meat as it were to the reason why (the theory has been proven several times) is around minute 5 in the video.

    I don’t expect anyone to believe anything I have to say. I want people to think for themselves and examine the facts that I give them. But my track record on these things is at 100% so far.

    And my logo does not have a Dollar sign, it is my Gravatar that does. It is a bit of tongue and cheek. But I can’t actually think of a better symbol for what I am about.

    Capitalism is the only system that provides true freedom of choice and quality of living for anyone that desires it who is willing to work for it. No other system devised by man has done as much good or helped as many people have a better quality of life or brought happiness to so many people by a long shot. So yea, I like the dollar sign. 🙂

    Andrew Anderson $

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