Hire Right The First Time

HIRE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME: THE CHANGE PEOPLE PATTERN™ – SAMENESS By Marilyne Woodsmall As I mentioned in a prior article, nowadays, given the current economic crisis, it is all the more critical to hire the right person for the right task or right job the first time. Doing so will save you time and […]

How To Communicate To Make More Money And Find The Love Of Your Life!

An interview with the author of the new book “Personality Language” Marilyne Woodsmall

(OK, I threw in the part about finding the love of your life but it is possible 🙂 )

I did this interview when this book first came out and I see that there a few people have picked on just how valuable this really is and are starting to teach it. But, why not get it from the Horse’s mouth so to speak instead.

Get comfortable and take a listen to an interview I did with the author of the new book Personality Language. Listen in as we discuss how using Personality Language can dramatically boost your profits.

This is a totally new way to reach not only new customers, but get a lot more sales from your existing customers.


DO TESTIMONIALS REALLY WORK? PART II: By Marilyne Woodsmall WHEN TO USE THEM AND WHEN NOT… In our prior discussion, I talked about the Evaluation People Pattern™. This critical Evaluation People Pattern™ determines how an individual makes a judgment. In the context of sales, this pattern reveals how an individual makes a judgment to buy […]

Domino’s Pizza’s New Marketing Results Are In – Not Looking Good


UPDATE Wednesday, January 20th

Well as more votes come in on the poll, it is not looking any better for Domino’s Pizza. About 40.53% like the old Pizza better, 12.87% say is is OK, and only 46.53% like it better. So, what this means is that they have the potential to lose 40% of the customer base. The only way the can even make a percentage of that up would to be to bring in new customers to replace those they they are going to lose.

The likelihood of them stealing that many customers from other brands is highly unlikely. You have a better chance of seeing a cow jump over the moon. As I have said, they should have added the new recipe, not gotten rid of the old one. But then again, I guess that I why I get paid the big bucks for saving companies from doing stupid things and wasting millions and killing off stock valuations. 🙂

About a week ago, I did a video as to why Domino’s Pizza’s new Marketing program was probably going to fail and fail big time. In my highly unscientific poll that I did below, it does back up what I said would happen. As I predicted, it appears that they could lose a large chunk of their market share instead of gaining any.

It appears they could lose at least 40% of their customer based. If they would have just polled their customers using a simple poll like this, it could have saved them millions.

Do you like the new Domino’s Pizza? If you have tried it, take the poll and let me know. You can see the results as soon as you choose an answer.

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Domino’s New Pizza Marketing Campaign Is Doomed To Failure And Here Is Why

Odds Are Domino’s New Marketing Campaign Is Doomed To Fail And How You Can Learn A Lesson From It.


In case you have not heard, Domino’s Pizza is doing a wholesale change across the board on it’s recipe for its pizzas on December 27th, 2009. They are changing everything about their pizza’s. The sauce, cheese mix and crust. It will now be new and improved.

Regardless of how great it is, the odd of them seeing their sales go down is about 99% and going up only 1%. This is actually predictable if you have the knowledge.

Would you like to know why? If so, I am about to let you in on a very little known secret that could have saved Domino’s millions of dollars in research and more than likely 10’s of millions of dollars in future lost sales.

You Know You Are An Entrepreneur When…..

When you sign on to you blog after a couple of days of busting your butt and it is 12:01 AM.  LOL   Man, am I digging this stuff. I pity the poor blokes and blokettes that have never experienced the up and downs of being and Entrepreneur.   Which I might ad is pretty unique thing…. […]