UPDATE  Wednesday, January 20th

Well as more votes come in on the poll, it is not looking any better for Domino’s Pizza. About 40.53% like the old Pizza better, 12.87% say is is OK, and only 46.53% like it better.  So, what this means is that they have the potential to lose 40% of the customer base.  The only way the can even make a percentage of that up would to be to bring in new customers to replace those they they are going to lose.

The likelihood of them stealing that many customers from other brands is highly unlikely.  You have a better chance of seeing a cow jump over the moon.  As I have said, they should have added the new recipe, not gotten rid of the old one.   But then again, I guess that I why I get paid the big bucks for saving companies from doing stupid things and wasting millions and killing off stock valuations.  🙂

About a week ago, I did a video as to why Domino’s Pizza’s new Marketing program was probably going to fail and fail big time.  In my highly unscientific poll that I did below, it does back up what I said would happen.  As I predicted, it appears that they could lose a large chunk of their market share instead of gaining any.

It appears they could lose at least 40% of their customer based.  If they would have just polled their customers using a simple poll like this, it could have saved them millions.

Do you like the new Domino’s Pizza? If you have tried it, take the poll and let me know. You can see the results as soon as you choose an answer.

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This all goes back to not understanding the Personality Language of their customer base.  What they did and are doing is a valuable lesson in “Know Thy Customer” and Personality Language can help you do exactly that.   Here is a link to the Domino’s Story and here is a link to a post I did on Personality Language.I will come back and take a look at this periodically.  If you have not voted yet, please do so and then go look at the results. See all of those people that don’t like it?  Well, that is pretty close to the percentage of existing customers that Domino’s Pizza has a good shot at losing.  And while there are more people that like it, the vast majority of those people are already existing customers anyway.