My Halloween Scare For You A Bit Early…..

This has to be the scariest thing that I have ever seeen as an adult…..  The worst part is that it is true… Click On The Pumpkin to find out what I am talking about…. it may take a minute for the page to load.  You may want your children and significant other to see […]

Coke Gets First Ever Darwin Website Design Dodo Award

Coke Gets First Ever Darwin Website Design Dodo Award Coke-Cola’s main Website has won the first ever Darwin Website Design Dodo Award ™ for their design of . This award is handed out for Website designs that show the best of why Dodo’s are now extinct and only live on in books and […]

Google Wave, Wave Of The Future….

Google Wave, have you heard the buzz on Google’s latest to go into limited invitation only beta?  Well, I have been playing in the Sandbox (that is what they really call it by the way) for sometime now and it has the potential to the a category killer much like Explorer was to Netscape and […]

Profit Consultant – Profits Are Still Out There

Profit Consultant Alert –  Profits are still out there, there is money to be had, it is just hiding….. Quite well in some cases I might add. And guess what?  Those Profits are going to continue to remain elusive for many. But for those of you that can separate themselves from the crowd, there is […]

I Am Calling Coke And Warren Buffet Again Tomorrowt

I Am Calling Coke And Warren Buffett Again Tomorrow…. Ok, this was funny at first, but how in the world can you explain how one of the worlds most well know companies can have an error on their Website (Werror)  for going on a month now? I could understand it if it was some Mom […]

You Know You Are An Entrepreneur When…..

When you sign on to you blog after a couple of days of busting your butt and it is 12:01 AM.  LOL   Man, am I digging this stuff. I pity the poor blokes and blokettes that have never experienced the up and downs of being and Entrepreneur.   Which I might ad is pretty unique thing…. […]

Working In The Back Room

I have been working on my other project that we are about ready to go with a soft launch on next week.   Well actually we  have a ” Feather Launch” going on right now.   I will put a link up or it early next week so that you can see what I am talking about.  […]

Needs And Overhaul Almost As Bad As The Drudge Report

OK, well is not quite as bad as the Drudge Report design, but it is getting rather stale. I should have the new Zippy look next week. Don’t get me wrong, The Drudge report still rocks as far as content and if you really want to find out what is really going on in […]

Day 22 Of The Coke Werror

Day 22 of the Coke web error or werror and counting…And I have still not heard anything back from Coke or Warren Buffet. The funny thing is that Fast Company is doing a story on Coke design this month. I am posting the video, the picture, and the iframe so that you can see of […]