werrors_cokeDay 22 of the Coke web error or werror and counting…And I have still not heard anything back from Coke or Warren Buffet.

The funny thing is that Fast Company is doing a story on Coke design this month.

I am posting the video, the picture, and the iframe so that you can see of which I speak. Basically, their nav bar covers up the bottom 1/4 of their logo.

I did the vid a few weeks ago to explain what I am talking about…

Click On Image To See Full Size


This should be a live iframe of Coke to see if it is still there.  If you hover over the logo, you can see what is going on.

Anyway, we shall see how much longer this continues. Who would have thunk it would be like this for over 3 weeks and no one at Coke would catch it?

Have you seen any other Werrors out there? If so, let me know about them and we will post them here. I am thinking about doing a regular feature on them once a week.