Day 22 Of The Coke Werror

Day 22 of the Coke web error or werror and counting…And I have still not heard anything back from Coke or Warren Buffet. The funny thing is that Fast Company is doing a story on Coke design this month. I am posting the video, the picture, and the iframe so that you can see of […]

Coke Has A Web Error For 20 Days And Counting

Coke has now had the error on their web page or as I call it, werror, on their page for 20 days now and counting.  Is it the end of the world?  No….  Is it a rather silly thing for a multi-billion dollar company to have something like this going on for that long? You […]

Coke and Warren Buffet Day 5

Day 5 of the Coke and Warren Buffet Werror (web error) saga.  Well, I have still not heard from either Warren Buffet or Coke dang it and they still have a werror on their main page.  🙂

Coke and Warren Buffet Update

2 days and counting on the Coke boo boo on their main Website …  About 4:30 PM EST and the logo is still partially covered by their tool bar.  Go see for yourself at .  Do you think it will be fixed by Monday?  I actually sent an email off to Warren Buffet at […]