werrors_cokeDay 5 of the Coke and Warren Buffet Werror (web error) saga.  Well, I have still not heard from either Warren Buffet or Coke dang it and they still have a werror on their main page.  🙂

Mr.Buffet and Coke, I am still trying to help you out here. A couple of cases of Coke a month (Glass Bottles please, I think it tastes better) and we will police your site and make sure there are no werrors.

Would you have ever thought it would be up there for 5 days without being fixed? (if you don’t know what I am talking about, click the house or home button on your top left there and then scroll down 4 or 5 posts and there is an iframe with a live feed of the coke website a video on it too or see it HERE.

So the big question is when do you think they will get it fixed?