Global Warming Hoax And Stupidity… And Lessons Learned And Coke Once Again… Arghh..

Global Warming Stupidity May Finally Be Over


If you are planning on starting a business in any Eco friendly niche that depends on Global Warming, you had better think of something else. Man made Global Warming or Anthropological Global Warming has finally been put of my misery ( I am sick of silly people telling me “but it is real ” when they never have looked at the real data and this info proves that data was made up… LOL). The Hadley CRU observations which much of the so called data came from, has been exposed to have been made up and worse.

The Earth has been cooling since 1998!

Coke Got It! YEAAAA

Coke Got It!  YEAAAAA.   Coke finally got it and changed their website design. After half a dozen emails, and a bunch of blog posts,they finally got the message. They are also going to lose their Darwin Dodo Design Award that I gave to them last month as well. It is a good thing. I am […]

Coke Gets First Ever Darwin Website Design Dodo Award

Coke Gets First Ever Darwin Website Design Dodo Award Coke-Cola’s main Website has won the first ever Darwin Website Design Dodo Award ™ for their design of . This award is handed out for Website designs that show the best of why Dodo’s are now extinct and only live on in books and […]

I Am Calling Coke And Warren Buffet Again Tomorrowt

I Am Calling Coke And Warren Buffett Again Tomorrow…. Ok, this was funny at first, but how in the world can you explain how one of the worlds most well know companies can have an error on their Website (Werror)  for going on a month now? I could understand it if it was some Mom […]

Day 22 Of The Coke Werror

Day 22 of the Coke web error or werror and counting…And I have still not heard anything back from Coke or Warren Buffet. The funny thing is that Fast Company is doing a story on Coke design this month. I am posting the video, the picture, and the iframe so that you can see of […]

Coke Has A Web Error For 20 Days And Counting

Coke has now had the error on their web page or as I call it, werror, on their page for 20 days now and counting.  Is it the end of the world?  No….  Is it a rather silly thing for a multi-billion dollar company to have something like this going on for that long? You […]

Day 14 of the Coke Web Error

Enough said about Coke and their stupid web page gaffe.  Jeeze Louis, is anybody awake over there?  Apparently they are going for the record on Werrors.  🙂

Coke Werror Day 11

Coke still has not fixed the werror on their main page….  Never would have thought it would have taken this long did you?