Werror Day 6
Werror Day 6

I Am Calling Coke And Warren Buffett Again Tomorrow….

Ok, this was funny at first, but how in the world can you explain how one of the worlds most well know companies can have an error on their Website (Werror)  for going on a month now?

I could understand it if it was some Mom and Pop operation, but this is a multi-billion dollar company for Pete’s sake.

Has incompetency in the Corporate world reached that of the Government Level?  Man, I sure hope not.

I have to say I am sadly disappointed.  Aren’t you? Ok, well not really.  Perhaps just a little bit anyway.  🙂

Now please note I am picking on them because it is so easy and as the old saying goes, you can hide the truth in plain site or is that on your site?  LOL

So I will try and call both Coke and Warren Buffet (Cokes single largest stockholder through Berkshire Hathaway) again tomorrow and I will let you know the outcome.

And just to keep this in proper perspective, in the scheme of things this is not a big deal, but I hope that if I do something like this, that someone lets me know.