Coke Gets First Ever Darwin Website

Design Dodo Award

Coke Dodo2

Coke-Cola’s main Website has won the first ever Darwin Website Design Dodo Award ™ for their design of .

This award is handed out for Website designs that show the best of why Dodo’s are now extinct and only live on in books and stuffed in Museums.   These designs have no branches in their family tree of design and are perhaps best represented by a stick.

The reason why Coke has received the first design award is because of what I thought was a mistake, but Coke’s PR department proceeded to send the following email:


Hi Anderson,

Hope that you are well.

I’ve confirmed there is not an error on the web page, it was an intentional stylistic design decision.

Have a great afternoon.


I ended up contacting both Coke and Berkshire Hathaway which is Warren Buffett’s Company which is Coke’s largest stockholder.

The Darwin Website Design Dodo award is not given to necessarily to honest mistakes or even ugly designs, but for those designs that defy common sense.  In this case, they have consciously covered up part of a Logo that could arguably be said to be worth Billions based on whimsy or someone actually not catching it.  For this, Coke’s Website Designers receive the soon to be coveted Darwin Website Design Dodo Award for  a Website.

Here is a picture of it. You be the judge…                  Click on the Image to see it full size.


You can go here to see the Coke Website Design Live for yourself.

The reason why I feel qualified to hand out this design Award is that I myself have designed some pretty darn ugly and bad designs and this will help remind me and others, perhaps even you, not to do these types of things on a Website.

If you have other designs that you would like to submit, please make a comment below.  I am thinking about awarding a Darwin Website Design Dodo Award on an as needed basis, perhaps even Monthly.

Would love to hear your thoughts…



PS  I have to say that the PR people at both Coke and Berkshire Hathaway were very nice and helpful.  I never did speak with the Website designer at Coke though.  Would like to know what was running through their mind when they did this wouldn’t you?

Coke and Coke-Cola are registered trademarks of  The Coca-Cola Company

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