Google Wave, have you heard the buzz on Google’s latest to go into limited invitation only beta?  Well, I have been playing in the Sandbox (that is what they really call it by the way) for sometime now and it has the potential to the a category killer much like Explorer was to Netscape and for good reason.

I will do more on this when my eyes are not drooping but think of GoToMeeting going bye, bye as well as a Skype, Vonage, and possibly Twitter, just to name a few.  Think of it as totally making you rethink how you collaborate and work with other people.

Is it there yet?  Nope, but the possibilities are there for you and the companies that  I mentioned maybe really changing the way the do business if they want to stay in business.  A  few others should look out too.  Oh by the way, did I mention that Google Wave is free?

I will post more about it shortly.

Here is a quick video so that you can see why I have been jazzed for a couple of months now.  Want to speak with a client in a different language?  Now you can…  It uses basically the same widget that I have over there to your lower right.  Just scroll down a bit and play with the translation widget.