winslowI have been working on my other project that we are about ready to go with a soft launch on next week.   Well actually we  have a ” Feather Launch” going on right now.   I will put a link up or it early next week so that you can see what I am talking about.  It is the coolest project I have worked on so far for sure.

Should have the new site up sometime next week.  I am digging it too.  Is your site ready for an overhaul?  If so I have some new concoctions for you to make your life a lot easier, less painful, more profitable and I will release some testing results that you can use too.

I am still working on a newer version of my book and as you know, the economy is not getting any better anytime soon.  Most intelligent people realize that Washington is the cause of most of it and they are only making it worse.  The best we can hope for at this time is that they will cease being stupid and doing their level best to destroy what makes America great.

I find it ironic that while Europe is moving away from Socialism having realized the complete failure of it, the people in charge here are hell-bent on making the US a socialist nation and stamping out capitalism on purpose.  There is no other explanation that fits.

With that in mind, it is more important than ever to have all of the tools you can get at your disposal to keep market share and profitability.

I am also going to be bringing in some experts of how to gain clients from overseas.  The US dollar is in danger of toppling to all time lows.  What this means is that dollar you hid in a jar in 2001 is now worth only about 33 cents (based on Gold prices).  Cool huh?  Not so much.  But it does make the things that you sell in dollars attractive price-wise to people overseas.

Have a profitable weekend!

Stay tuned, I have a bunch of goodies coming your way.