coke_biggerWell, I left a message at the Coke Public Relations number that I dug up on their site and then I called Berkshire Hathaway and actually got in touch with a nice lady there.  I am sure she thought I was a nut job or something at first, but she did listen to what I had to say and I did email here info on what was going on over at .

She also noted that I has misspelled Mr. Buffett’s name wrong, there are 2 Ts in it.  That is what I get for copying his name from another story in the news…  🙂

Anyway, will see how successful she is at kicking things up the chain of command and I will let you know if I here back from Coke’s PR department.



PS  I also got a call from someone in Coke’s PR department a bit ago.  Forwarded the info to her as well.  We shall see if we get any movement out of this.  I hope that they do get it fixed. And both ladies that I spoke with were very nice about things.