HootSuite Interview #4 – Why You Really Should Be Using It…

  HootSuite Helps You Conquer Social Media Below is the fourth interview I have done with Dave O over at Hootsuite. This all started when Hootsuite was just one of many Social Media tools and I decided to see if I could pick a winner and follow their success and growth. Also because I needed […]

Companies That Offer Great Customer Service And Those That Do Not Exist Anymore…

Customer Service

Customer ServiceWant to know why in the very near future there are going to be companies that offer Great customer service and those that do not exist anymore?

For those of you that know the answer, it is easy and for those of you that do not, you really need to pay attention here.

It is simple. The answer is just two words, Social Media…

profit consultant facebookBecause of Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites out there, good news and bad news is

Apple, Gold, Silver, Oil,The Falling Dollar, And How To Profit From Them

appleI used to have a blog that discussed investments. I took the site down about 18 months ago because I had too many things going on, but I want to bring the four things that I was very high on investment wise at the time.

Gold, Silver, Oil, and Apple Computers.

Let’s us start with Apple. I was talking to people about purchasing Apple Call options in the 100’s a couple of years out and predicting that you would make over 50%. Well, how about making 500%.

Are You Staying Local And Being A Yokel?

Local Yokel

Are you staying local in your business and being a Local Yokel? I have seen this quite a bit recently with many businesses when it comes to searching for talent or opportunity for their business.  Be it Web Design, SEO, sales, or Consulting Help, and even new customers. The businesses that do this are seriously […]

The Biggest Asset You Can Have

It is well past 2:00 AM  and I am about bushed.  Started at 8:00 this morning and yet I am still pumped and in a bit of a contemplative mood and tired and wired at the same time  But I have found that in these moments that I have some of my best insights, right […]

Common Sense Marketing Challenge From The World’s Best Commonsense Marketer

Common Sense Marketing Challenge
Using Social Media And Twitter

I have accepted a Common Sense Marketing Challenge from someone that many have called the best Commonsense Marketing Alive in the World today.

He is been involved with selling tens of Billions of dollars of products and services over his lifetime. Find out about the Challenge and how you can learn from it.

Information about the challenge.

Not Having An Editor Could Be Costing You Thousands Of Dollars – Before

editor profit consultantCould not having an editor be costing you thousands of dollars?

I am going to explain how getting one could help you make a lot more money.

This is a two part Blog post. This post is before I have one of my Editors look at it and the next one will be after I have my Editor go through it. It may be a miracle if there are no corrections but, I would not put money on it. 🙂

How can not having an editor be costing you thousands or even 10’s of thousands of dollars? Let me start out by saying that I am the King of mis-spellings, bad grammar and punctuation, on top of making up words, purposely mis-spelling others and being fond of alliteration, so bear with me as I explain this for my situation and how it can also affect you.

Video Transcription

Get Video Transcription for just $19.99 at www.YakWrite.com.  Here is a short video on it. 🙂 So, if you need Video Transcription, you now know where to go. Cheers, Andrew Anderson www.YakWrite.com