editor profit consultantCould not having an editor be costing you thousands of dollars?

I am going to explain how getting one could help you make a lot more money.

This is a two part Blog post.  This post  is before I have one of my Editors look at it and the next one will be after I have my Editor go through it.  It may be a miracle if there are no corrections but, I would not put money on it.  🙂

How can not having an editor be costing you thousands or even 10’s of thousands of dollars?   Let me start out by saying that I am the King of mis-spellings, bad grammar and punctuation, on top of making up words, purposely mis-spelling others and being fond of alliteration, so bear with me as I explain this for my situation and how it can also affect you.

So, first off I have really bad dyslexia, which is rather ironic because of the fact that I make money from my writing.  What happens it the the conversation that I have in my head makes perfect sense, that is until I start to type it out and things get all messed up.  Usually, whole sentences will come out backwards and spelling and grammar are  arbitrary things.   I truly look at this as a gift and a competitive edge because this is just part of the way that my brain is wired and it allows me to see and recognize complex situations and see connections and create answers before a whole lot of other people.    But the bottom line is that if you or I have typos, bad grammar and punctuation, it does not matter how great your product or service is, no one is going to buy it!

Here is a fact. Most of us truly do judge a book by it’s cover no matter what we say, a lot of people and clients can’t see past the typo’s and grammar and realize just how much more profit I can help them make.

Do not get me wrong, a lot of people do get “it”, but at the same time, a lot of clients that would normally be lapping up everything that I have to offer don’t get past it.  This makes me a bit upset because I know they are going to end up with some Whanker of a consultant that can spell better but does not know his or her rear end from a hole in the ground about what they are doing and that potential client is going to lose out because of it.

That is what makes me most mad about it.  Of course it took me a while to realize it because while I do like to read things that are spelled correctly, to me it does not matter. But it does matter to some people and you and I need to care about them.

What is the answer?  Get an Editor, they could pay for themselves in 10 minutes for the whole year!    Seriously, if you blog or send out letters or copy, and you are not the worlds best at spelling, grammar, or punctuation, then get an Editor NOW!

Get one that likes to edit, there are people out there that love to do it and that is who you want.  It is easy for them too.   I am probably on the low-side but I pay mine $20 dollars and hour.   Crap, after this though, I am probably going to have to give them a raise.  But, whatever I pay them it is an absolute bargain in that it still probably only costs me about 50 cents to $5 per blog post on average to have one of them go over and get it right.

This means that I could pick up a $10,000 client because I spent 50 cents to $5 dollars on editing that post that caught their interest. Where else can you get this type of return?

Think about it.  People judge you by your output on the Web these days.  This is true in your Blogs, Website, your emails, everything.

As I say this, I still post to my Blog before I have one of my Editors go through it.    They usually are not up at 3:00 AM when I get a cool idea and feel compelled to do a post. But I am slowly disciplining myself to have them at least go over it quickly after I post it.  I probably won’t ever completely brake myself of the habit, but I am doing it a lot less now after I figured out how much money it could be costing me.

I still need to have them go through this site with a fine tooth comb.  If you look at any of the posts, you can tell when one of them looked at it or not quite easily.

Now, all of this being said, I don’t want you to say you can’t afford one either because you can and here is why.   I am going to make both of mine available to you.  Both have degrees and they are awesome at what they do.  They can help make you look like the genius that you are.

Now yes, I know you can probably find ones a bit cheaper,  but you really do get what you pay for in this one particular area up to a point.  I also know that you can pay a whole lot more for ones that are less competent.  It took me quite awhile to find these two.

Here is the deal. You can purchase one hour of their time for $20 at a time.   You can purchase as many hours as you need.  One hour  should cover a number of blog posts or pages on your website.

Just click on the button below and they will get you hooked up.   If you don’t, you will never know how much business you are losing.



PS  For fun, just look at both of these posts and compare them.