Local YokelAre you staying local in your business and being a Local Yokel?

I have seen this quite a bit recently with many businesses when it comes to searching for talent or opportunity for their business.  Be it Web Design, SEO, sales, or Consulting Help, and even new customers.

The businesses that do this are seriously shooting themselves in the foot.  In fact to use yet another gruesome analogy it is like throwing a Frog in a pot of cold water and turning on the heat until it boils.  The Frog won’t jump out, but if you put him in Hot water, they hop right out.

In other words, you won’t know you are cooked until it is too late.

Just think about it.  There are now millions of people that you can reach on the Web and just from a statistics standpoint, the guy or gal down the street is not going to even be in the top 5% best at what they do but, the person that you can snag on the Internet is?

So why would you want a second string player when your competition is playing with All Stars?

Can you imagine any sports team from College on up just getting players locally?  Well of course not.  So you should not be doing it either.

If you do, you are just making my job easier when your competition hires me. 🙂   Perhaps I should say thanks in advance if you are one of the Yokels.



Profit Consultant - Andrew Anderson