Common Sense Marketing Challenge
Using Social Media And Twitter

I have accepted a Common Sense Marketing Challenge from someone that many have called the best Commonsense Marketing Alive in the World today.

He is been involved with selling tens of Billions of dollars of products and services over his lifetime. Find out about the Challenge and how you can learn from it.

Information about the challenge.

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How You Are Going To Benefit

I am going to show you some cutting edge ways use Twitter and other Social media to bring in more clients for you immediately, keep them long-term, then get them to spend more money with you.  If you have been stumped on how to do this, I am going to take out all of the mystery and show you exactly what you need to do.  Perhaps the best part about this is, it’s free.

The techniques that you will learn work no matter what type of business you have.


How It Got Started

The Challenge got started all because I sent off an email to someone whom many consider to be the best Commonsense Marketer alive in the World today. The man’s name is none other than Drayton Bird.  If you know who he is, then I need not say anymore about him, but if you don’t and  you are in business and sell any product or service, then read on.

Briefly, Drayton Bird has worked with Microsoft, Ford, IBM, Nestle, Proctor & Gamble and a host of other companies on their Marketing and Advertising.   David Ogilvy said he “knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world”.

Why do you want to pay attention?  Because if your competition finds out about him before you do and they actually pay attention and implement his strategies in their marketing, they are going to eat you for lunch.  Plus, if you do follow what he teaches, you are more than likely going to see a dramatic increase in your sales.

That being said, here is how all of this came into being

The Challenge

drayton birdThis is part of a challenge from Drayton Bird to me after I had sent him off an email letting him know that I had  come up with some interesting techniques using Social Media including Twitter to help bring in a lot more traffic and to help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  I offered to fill him in on what I was doing and then do it for him.

The only reason that I did this is because I have been following Drayton Bird and using his technique for quite some time now.  I am not alone in thinking he is one of the best Marketers alive in the world today.

He is one of the few marketers out there that I do not (excuse my French) think are full of BS.  He know what the heck he is talking about and any company large or small would do well to follow what he teaches.  He has forgotten more about Marketing and Advertising than most companies entire Marketing and Advertising staff ever knew.

After a few emails, here is the email that I received that got this Challenge started.

Hi Andrew:
By all means! And what a coincidence, because I am
writing about Twitter in my blog today. Now here
is an idea for you if you are SURE you can get

The thing people LOVE is a case history with a story
and an element of challenge - see any reality show.
So I would follow up my piece today by saying

"Here's a guy who reckons he can make it work. Let's
see how he does."

Then every few days we could follow your progress
in getting results for me.

How does that grab you, Andrew?

That is not exactly what I had in mind. For about two nano-seconds there I was thinking, “do I really want this out there and public yet?”   But that was just a fleeting thought.  I know that  saying Yes is how you move forward.  So I said, “heck yea, let’s do it” . Well OK, it was more R rated than that, but you get the gist and here we are.

While I did tell him that I was going to use Social Media and Twitter to accomplish the task, I did not tell him exactly how I was going to go about doing it.  Although, I did tell him I was going to use some unorthodox methods to accomplish things.

I had a feeling he would rather be keen to that and  he did indeed did say yes to the unorthodox approach.  I have found that if you figure out what everyone else is doing and do something else, you usually get ahead.

As mention, I did not fill Drayton in exactly what I was going to be doing with the challenge or how I was going to be doing it.  So I take full responsibility for anything errors that may be made.  But, if you do like it and I am pretty sure you will, please make sure to give him the credit, for without his Challenge, you would not be able to benefit and learn from it.

If you do not know who Drayton Bird is, I have included a bio about him below.

Drayton Bird

In November 2003 the Chartered Institute of Marketing named Drayton Bird one of 50 living individuals who have shaped today’s marketing, other names included Kotler, Peters and Levitt.

Advertising legend the late David Ogilvy said he “knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world. His book about it is pure gold. His speeches are not only informative, but hilariously funny.”

Campaign named him one of the 50 most important individuals in UK advertising during the previous 25 years – “the only universally acknowledged point of creativity in the direct marketing world”. UK magazine Direct Response said his impact on UK direct marketing was “unlikely to be matched by any other individual”

In 1994 he was named one of the first six Fellows of the Institute of Direct Marketing; in 1997 he was voted Educator of the Year. In May 2001 the British Direct Marketing Association placed him on their Roll of Honour. In December 2003, most of the readers of Precision Marketing voted him leading direct marketing personality in the last 15 years.

His book, Commonsense Direct Marketing (1982) is in its fourth edition. Published in 13 languages, it is the best-selling British work on the subject. A reviewer of his book, How to Write Sales Letters That Sell! said, “The only book the subject should ever need. I just hope no one tries to do better.”

He has written over 1,000 columns for magazines in Europe, Australia, India, the UK and Malaysia and a compilation of his articles, Marketing Insights and Outrages.

He has worked with many of the world’s leading brands, including American Express, British Airways, Deutsche Post, Ford, Microsoft, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Philips, The Royal Mail, Unilever and Visa. He has also worked with major advertising agency groups, including Y & R, JWT, FCB and Leo Burnett.

Business schools, universities and management consultants he has worked with include Columbia University Business School, New York, INSEAD, The London Business School, ESIC (Madrid), IPADE (Mexico City), IPADE (Lima), Cap Gemini, McKinsey and A. T. Kearney.

In 1977, with two partners, he set up Trenear-Harvey, Bird & Watson, which became the UK’s largest DM agency and which he sold in l984 to Ogilvy and Mather. As international Vice-Chairman and Creative Director, he helped O & M Direct become the world’s largest direct marketing agency network, and was elected to the worldwide Ogilvy Group board.

He now runs Drayton Bird Associates, who work with many firms on direct marketing and other marketing matters. He has interests in five other firms in the UK and Asia.

If you are selling anything you  NEED to go here.  That way you can get 101 Commonsense Marketing ideas from Drayton Bird right away.

Check your email and Twitter for updates on this.  Also go here, CommonSenseAds on Twitter to follow the Challenge.


Andrew Anderson

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