appleI used to have a blog that discussed investments. I took the site down about 18 months ago because I had too many things going on, but I want to bring the four things that I was very high on investment wise at the time.

Gold, Silver, Oil, and Apple Computers

Let’s us start with Apple. I was talking to people about purchasing Apple Call options in the 100’s a couple of years out and predicting that you would make over 50%. Well, how about making 800%+?

The same with Gold, Silver, and Oil. The same things that were driving them then, are driving all of them now, except things are in high gear.

Anyone that is an adult and says that deficit spending and the Feds printing money that has no backing as fast as they can is a good thing is an idiot period.

That is why Gold has reached new highs on a daily basis and the same with Silver, and why Apple has been on a tear from the $90s up nearly $290.

The kicker is, I do not see anything that is going to stop it unless the Republicans end up with a landslide and stop the craziness that is causing this.  They don’t have to pass anything, more so just stopping things.  Stopping the largest tax increase in History for small businesses would be a nice start.

Oil could go well back above $140. What that means is $5 gas again. All because of Politicians. Cool, Huh? OK, not really but that is the way the cookie is crumbling at the moment.

As I have said before, where there is Chaos, there is opportunity, but this is like playing in a house that is on fire. Still, you can snag the valuables if you are suited up for it.

How? Well, sell your product overseas in US dollars because the bottom is falling out of it. What does this mean? It means that because the Feds are printing money 24/7, the dollar is losing value on a daily basis. Which in a sense is stealing money from everyone in a very sneaky way. Your house, your car, your bank account is becoming worth less every day.

What this means is that for currencies that are not fiat or based on nothing, those people in countries or people smart enough to trad out of the dollar and hold other currencies can buy US products for pennies on the dollar.

That is about the only bright spot going on at the moment. So, I will be talking about how to sell your products outside the US and profit from the inflation in the US dollar that is happening right now and will continue to ramp up. Most of the people out there do not have a clue as to how to capitalize on this or, even realize what is going on at all.  I will do my best to show you how.  There will be ways to make lemonade out the lemon storm that has already started.

This might make the 70’s and early 80’s look like a picnic. Get ready for a ride and get ready to make some serious money if you are prepared for it.

Andrew “Easy” Anderson