connection to the team at www.21to21.comIt is well past 2:00 AM  and I am about bushed.  Started at 8:00 this morning and yet I am still pumped and in a bit of a contemplative mood and tired and wired at the same time  But I have found that in these moments that I have some of my best insights, right before my battery runs totally out.

All of the clutter and noise of the day is gone and it seems like my fore brain and subconscious meld.

Today, I spoke with members of my team scattered all across the globe.  From Europe, to America, and Canada, to the South Pacific and Asia.

I also did an interview with Dave Olson from HootSuite today as well.  Should have it posted later yet this morning.  Awesome interview with a super nice and cool guy who is with one of my favorite companies right now.  They know how to do software and services right.  Wait until you hear the interview.  They absolutely get it, it being Social Media.   Plus, they get Direct Marketing too, which most of the big boys don’t.  Hell, not only big boys, but, medium and small boys, and or girls for that matter do not get the fact that Social Media and the Web is nothing but direct marketing.  🙂

Which reminds me, I am overdue for an update on Drayton Bird’s Common Sense Social Media Challenge.  OK, get that done later today there Anderson.  Yes, you know you are definitely tired when you start referring to yourself in the third person in a Blog post.

On top of that, I am working on some fantastically fun and exciting projects and working with some of the sharpest people I have ever had the pleasure to bump elbows with on a daily basis in my career.

It is because of these people that with all of the projects that are going on,  someone, somewhere in the World, 24 hours a day is working on one or more of the parts and pieces of the puzzle.

This has not only allowed me to finish projects so far ahead of estimates that I am flabbergasted, but even the ones that are running behind, are running behind because of the caliber of the team that has enables us to  increase the functionality, features, and usability of the project drastically beyond what we had first envisioned.

Because we are now truly plugged into the World, I am finding that mountains can be moved overnight.

If you ever get a chance to experience this, it is truly something to behold if you are a builder and creator of things.  I will be doing and in-depth examination of this process later on so that you can glimpse inside and I can explain how it was put together and hopefully recreate it yourself.

Now if I could only find an editor that kept the same crazy hours I do, or just maybe I will hire a few more to cover all of the shifts.  🙂

Andrew (sleepy) Anderson