You Have A Website Great! Let’s Make Some Money

You Have A Website Great! Let’s Make Some Money

OK, so you have joined the real world an you have a Website. Congratulations!

guarantee Now the big trick is to make money from it. The strange things is this is where things usually fall apart for many businesses.

I have seen crappy Websites that make millions and nice Websites that make peanuts. And most people honestly do not have a clue as to why this happens.

I want to destroy a couple of myths here.

  • Traffic means profits right?

Not even close. You can have all of the traffic in the world and not make squat.

  • I have to have the perfect looking website to make money. Nope, I have seen some of the most barf ugly sites that make tens’ of thousands a month. Could they be making 10 x that if they were designed right? Sure, but in the meantime they are making money while some of the better looking ones don’t make anything.

5 Rules To Make Sure Your Site SUCKS

Website_25 Rules To Make Sure Your Site SUCKS

OK, I have said this before, but if you are going to put up a crappy Website that sucks, at least do it right. Please follow these 5 rules.

1.) Go ahead and have a mostly black or dark Website with white text if you really don’t want to sell anything.

2.) Put some lame ass logo that size of Texas right at the top that does nothing other than tell anyone visiting you care more about you then helping them. Make sure it is not the least bit intriguing or better yet, dollar signs or fast cars right at the top. Or better yet, a big old picture of you.

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