Do Pop Ups Annoy You Too?

OK, Pop Ups annoy me.  I know that they can used to make you money but I am not convinced they do any more. Because as I have noted, when I go to a site, usually as sales site, I try and leave the page. If they have one, I don’t bother ready the rest of it accept on very rare occasions.

I put them on my you just wasted a couple seconds of my life list and I don’t want to have anything to do with whatever you are selling list.

Pop Ups are kind of like the Disco Balls, they were really cool for a little while, but if you put them everywhere they are a bit annoying and it is like having one in your office to show how “cool” you are.

So, if you visit a site that has one, please post a comment with a link to it here.  Some of them are more annoying than others.  The ones that you have to keep clicking to leave.

Here is one I got via email.  Lovely…

Jeff Paul  $1,805 in 10 daysl

Will post more as they come in and you do the same!


Profit Consultant - Andrew Anderson

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