BP Oil Spill imageI have always had the utmost confidence in American Entrepreneurs.  They have proven in the past when left alone and given have a chance that they can solve any problem thrown at them on earth.

They truly are some of the best and brightest problems solvers in the World.

But for some reason, they are only unleashed on solving big problems by Bureaucracies that don’t understand them or like them because the Entrepreneurs don’t play by the rules when the Bureaucrats are up against the wall.

The Oil Spill Could Be Stopped In A Matter Of Days

Bureaucrats and Entrepreneurs are two totally Alien species to one another.  One, wants to control all things by placing rules, regulations, stipulations and ordered lists and check boxes on everything they touch or see, while the other makes the rules up as they go and solves problems without any need or regard for how things are supposed to be done.

Here is a Viable Solution to the Oil Spill that could stop it in just a matter of days from one of the smartest Entrepreneurs on the Planet. The big question is will the Bureaucrats let him give it a shot and fix it, or will millions of gallons of oil keep polluting the Earth while they figure out what check boxes and regulations they have to put in place first?

Very cool stuff indeed. So, do you think the Bureaucrats will give him a chance and let the spill be stopped in the next few days or, do you think they will keep doing what they are doing and let the biggest man made Environmental Disaster in history continue unabated?


Profit Consultant - Andrew Anderson