You Have A Website Great! Let’s Make Some Money

OK, so you have joined the real world an you have a Website. Congratulations!

guarantee Now the big trick is to make money from it. The strange things is this is where things usually fall apart for many businesses.

I have seen crappy Websites that make millions and nice Websites that make peanuts. And most people honestly do not have a clue as to why this happens.

I want to destroy a couple of myths here.

Not even close. You can have all of the traffic in the world and not make squat.

Sure it is as long as you don’t expect to make any money. Seriously, they are non-starters these days. There is too much good competition out there.

Nope sorry. Unless your Web Designer is a Damn good marketer or you had a really good marketer help you design it, you probably just wasted a bunch of your money.

Umm…nope again and here is why.

First off, when you are putting up you Website, you are facing technological and Psychological hurdles that most of you may not have faced before.

Getting up a Website usually involves quite a number of things that frankly most people have ever dealt with, so don’t beat yourself up too much. It really is not your fault..

Then to actually design that site so that people give you money involves a whole other level of sales and marketing expertise that most people are not equipped for right off the bat.

OK, so you then start looking for help and you may run into even bigger problems.

There are more Gurus or as I like to call them, Schmooroos out there that are so full of BS that is not funny. If they are so damn good why are they selling anything other than their own services? That is a big question you should ask.

While I do have a very small number of clients that I help with marketing, 90% of what I work on is my own products and services. You see this is because I can make far more money using my own expertise selling my own things than helping other people sell theirs.

I still do it for a couple of reasons. One of which I take on big projects where I know that I can make a huge profit from for myself and them, and I work in a couple of different niches so that I can test out and use my skills and keep them constantly sharp.

But one of the things that I will tell you is this. The best Online marketers do not share their techniques and skills with many people.

This is because if they really have their shit together, they can may 100 times selling their own products and services than they ever can selling someone the how-to-knowledge to someone else.

If they do lend their expertise to a project, they always take a piece of the pie and never ever sell their information outright. Think about it, why in the heck would they?

So, with very, very few exceptions will you every find any Marketing expert out there that is really good that does not have a very substantial business or his or her own other than just selling Marketing stuff.

Makes sense doesn’t it.

Now how do you learn the things you need to succeed online? Well, there are some good sources out there and the first thing is that for a lot of this, if you just use common sense in how you set up your Website you are going to be far ahead of your competition.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Can I find what I am selling in just one click?

  2. Is it easy for a potential customer to find out what I am selling and how much it costs?

  3. Do I make it easy for them to pay me?

  4. Do I make it easy to find exactly what they might be looking for and is my information well organized?

  5. Does my site look like something out of the 90’s?

  6. Have I planned out what I want a visitor to do once they get on my site.

  7. Is my site about them or about me?

One of the best exercises I can suggest it to pick up any of the fashion magazines and start flipping through pages. In your mind I want you to ask your self only two questions. Is this page going to give me something or is it trying to take away something i.e. sell me something. Check out the design and the look and feel of the page as well as the headline. You want to set your site up like those pages that are gives. Flip through the pages at the rate of 2 seconds a page and give your opinion. Your subconscious makes up its mind in about 1/3rd of a second. Guess what? Your visitors to your site do the same thing.

Now, yes, I know that my site needs an overhaul and there are at least five things I should change immediately and I shall shortly. But that being said, you can find my information and people that are serious can get in touch with me. I am in a different position that most of you in that I can afford to be really picky about whom I deal with as customers. I don’t need or want a bazillion customers.

But, more than likely you do!

I am going to put together a video of some of the good and not so good sites and post them so that you can see what I am talking about here.

In the meantime, what can you do to make it easier for clients to buy from you on your Website?


Andrew “Easy” Anderson
Profit Consultant