HootSuite Interview

HootSuite and www.21to21.com  Profit ConsultantsThis is an interview I just did with Dave Olson at HootSuite. I interviewed Dave last April when HootSuite was still a little owl, but growing fast. Now they have over 1.4 million users.

Listen to what has happened at what I consider the best Social Media management tool and learn how you can use HootSuite to help you make more money, stay engaged with your customer base, and learn from the Secret Sauce that HootSuite is using that has lead them to dominate their market in less than a year.


Andrew Anderson

Here is a link to sign up for HootSuite and get a free account or you can click on the image above or below. If you are a business, you really should look at signing up for the pro service at only $5.99 per month! It is the only way I use to manage my social media for myself and clients. I am also an affiliate too. Which as you know if you are a regular reader of mine, just how rare this is as I always drink my own Kool Aid.

Click the play button to listen to the interview or download the mp3.


HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

Interview With Dave Olson Of HootSuite

Andrew: (Laughter) Yeah, okay. Hello, this Andrew Anderson and I’ve got Dave with HootSuite on the interview here, and we haven’t spoken in, gosh I think it’s been 8 or 9 months or so. And quite a bit has changed. Um, the one thing that hasn’t changed is I’m still a big fan of HootSuite. I still think it’s the best social media tool that any business can use out there. Click on the Title above to read more…

How To Communicate To Make More Money And Find The Love Of Your Life!

An interview with the author of the new book “Personality Language” Marilyne Woodsmall

(OK, I threw in the part about finding the love of your life but it is possible 🙂 )

I did this interview when this book first came out and I see that there a few people have picked on just how valuable this really is and are starting to teach it. But, why not get it from the Horse’s mouth so to speak instead.

Get comfortable and take a listen to an interview I did with the author of the new book Personality Language. Listen in as we discuss how using Personality Language can dramatically boost your profits.

This is a totally new way to reach not only new customers, but get a lot more sales from your existing customers.

Piggy Bank

You Deserve To Be Wealthy And Here Is Why

If You Deserve It, You Will Get It

Piggy BankMoney makes the world go around. You have heard it. Is there anyone out there that does not believe it? Well, I am going to give you some practical tips on how you can start improving your financial situation, immediately. I am not talking pie in the sky stuff, but practical things that no matter where you are on the money totem pole you can start doing right after you read this. I promise you that the concepts are easy to use and implement. Plus, more importantly, they work.

Having been in positions of having money and not having it, I can indeed tell you that life is far easier having it than not, yes, tis true indeedy. I know it is hard to believe. LOL

Customer Service

Companies That Offer Great Customer Service And Those That Do Not Exist Anymore…

Customer ServiceWant to know why in the very near future there are going to be companies that offer Great customer service and those that do not exist anymore?

For those of you that know the answer, it is easy and for those of you that do not, you really need to pay attention here.

It is simple. The answer is just two words, Social Media…

profit consultant facebookBecause of Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites out there, good news and bad news is

Tim Ferriss And The 4- Hour Body. How It And 15 minute Female Orgasms Can Teach You To Succeed In Business

Tim Ferriss And The 4- Hour Body. How It Can Teach You To Succeed In Business And Bed I will say this right up front. I have been a big fan of Tim’s ever since he came out with his first best selling book “The 4 Hour Workweek”. After reading it all in one day, …

Tim Ferriss And The 4- Hour Body. How It And 15 minute Female Orgasms Can Teach You To Succeed In Business Read More »

Why You Must Be Mobile Ready!

Why you must be mobile ready!

Just check the first 15 minutes of this video and you will see why you need to be mobile ready. The rest about Flash is not relevant. Flash is dead and don’t use it. It will not work on iPhones, or iPads. Do not fight Apple. 🙂

Why Not Being The Early Bird And Procrastination Can Make You A Lot Of Money

Early Bird www.21to21.comI swear, over half of the Golden Rules were put out there by guys and gals with a huge sense of humor that I can truly appreciate. Like the Early Bird Gets The Worm and all of the ones you have heard about Procrastination being a bad thing.

Whoever came up with them is still laughing their Butts off as they are trotted out by people like they are spun of Gold or something. I also think they laid these out there to clear the field for them to swoop in and grab the profits from their less adroit competition.

I have seen a number of these recently on Facebook and Twitter with lots of accolades.

Well, let me give you something to think about before you swallow these axioms whole. They are only correct in certain situations and they are totally wrong in many, many others. Especially those involving money.

The Forest For The Trees, Get Rid Of Bed Bugs, And How The Tree Will Make You Money

How concentrating on one tree at a time and killing Bed Bugs will make you a lot more money.

foresttree Will do my best to stay on point here today and after this week, I will go back to doing more of these in video format. But you will just have to read this one.

I want to explain Why this is relevant right now for where you are and How it came about.

In looking at all I have going on right now in my business ventures, I have probably never been more aware of how all of the work and thought that has gone into my various business ventures pays off.