If You Deserve It, You Will Get It And Here Is How To “Deserve” it

Piggy BankMoney makes the world go around. You have heard it. Is there anyone out there that does not believe it? Well, I am going to give you some practical tips on how you can start improving your financial situation, immediately. I am not talking pie in the sky stuff, but practical things that no matter where you are on the money totem pole you can start doing right after you read this. I promise you that the concepts are easy to use and implement. Plus, more importantly, they work.

Having been in positions of having money and not having it, I can indeed tell you that life is far easier having it than not, yes, tis true indeedy. I know it is hard to believe. LOL

Looking back now some of those times not having money is funny but, it is not when it is happening to you. I have been totally flat dead broke and not sure where it was going to come from. I have grocery money come in the form of payment for changing my long distance service and ATT at one time put food on the table for a whole month.

It is not fun, it is way overrated, and if you have ever been there, you know it Sucks with a capital S. I know a while back I vowed to not go there again. So, I put my noodle toward figuring out how to do that. It takes up a good portion of each day but, not quite the way it used to though and there are more dollar signs associated with my thinking.Now when I say wealthy, I mean have enough money to live life comfortably and be able to enjoy things without having to worry about money. It does not mean you have to be a millionaire.

There are thousands of books, seminars, and tapes on how to make money. It can be overwhelming, but I love a challenge. I have literally read hundreds. There are some very good ones out there and as you can imagine, many that are not worth the paper they are printed on.

My first bit of advice is to depend on yourself. Make sure that you are the one in control and you know what is going on. Don’t be handing your money decisions off to someone else and then complain about the results if you don’t have a clue what is going on. There is too much info on the net and at the library these days to not get up to speed on what going on in any situation.

Is there a big secret to having enough money so that you don’t have to worry about paying your bills and all that entails? Freeing you up so that you can spend your time on things that really matter like doing the things you love with the people that you love? The answer is an emphatic, YES there is.

In studying wealthy people there are a couple of things that I found that stand out. First off, they feel that they deserve it. Not only do the feel it, they know it. They actually feel that it is there due. What a cool concept. Coming from a middle-class family with all of the usual illogical concepts about wealth this was pretty far out.

The second trait that most of them have is that they are fast at making decisions and they don’t go back and second guess themselves later on.  I have written about this in my Books “The 4 Hour Muse” and “Start On Monday“.  I typically see wealthy people make five decisions for every one decision a not so wealthy or successful person makes. The wealthy person grabs 2 pieces of cake and is eating one by the time most people are deciding if they want any.  The wealthy person will often as not in turn sell the other piece back to the slow poke for a profit.

You have to get used to making decisions faster.  In this day in age things are moving at an unheard of pace and you need to step up your game or you will not make money period.

OK, you might not want to start your own business, you may just want to improve your life!  Make a habit of making decisions quickly, learn from the ones that don’t work out and move on.

Think  And Know That You Can Get The Money

Wealthy people approach money as something that they can indeed obtain and they put several hours a week into it and in many cases a whole lot more than that. I mean that most people go to there job and collect a pay check and then go about there business.

Wealthy people spend a good part of the “Free Time” in better educating themselves about becoming wealthier. They don’t for the most part spend the better part of their lives parked in front of the TV.

One of the other things that I have learned is that they make money work for them, they don’t work for the money, which is totally reversed from what people that are not wealthy think.

I am going to give you an abridged version of this information as I don’t want to write a tome here… LOL

Unfortunately, we are not taught how to make money in schools. No matter how much you paid for your education, I doubt that you learned that basics on how to not only build wealth, but to have enough money to not worry about it anymore. And may I ask, how many of you had a great Economics teacher that made learning about Economics fun? How about rate of returns or compounded interest? Thought so.

It Is Not Your Fault…Mostly  🙂

So, don’t feel too bad if you did not have any great teachers on the subject of money, or if you listened to what the poor ignorant folks in the public schools and what your college professors told you and you have not arrived yet. They were just ignorant and did there woefully inadequate best. Just a fyi, the majority of the wealthiest people in the world do not have a college degree of if they do, they made their money in a field unrelated to what their degree is in.  There are a lot of over educated poor people out there.

Here are a few of the secrets to start having more money and to keep getting more of it.

First off you have to make up your mind that it is something that you really want to do. Not just wish it, but actually get to the point whereby you are willing to do something about it every day. Every single day. Not when it is convenient or when you can work it in your schedule.

Write It Down

Write It DownIn the example here, I put in $5,000, but perhaps you are more comfortable with $50 or $500. Just put in what you feel is right.  Once you accomplish this goal, you can always bump it up.

You have to have a plan and write it down. If you don’t write it down, it is just hot air. You need to not only write it down, but you need to look at what your wrote down every day and act on it. That is not to say that this process can’t be fun. In my books I talk about the fact that no one in there right mind would ever think about building a skyscraper without a Blueprint, or go on a trip cross country without a map, yet, they travel along their financial future without a Blueprint or a Map and then wonder why they get lost along the way.

We are going to take baby steps first, and then you will be running before you know it.

Next , you need to convince yourself that you deserve it. I am not sure why exactly, although I do have my theories, but many of us deep down don’t feel that we deserve to have wealth. It has been programmed in to you. Many feel guilty about having money as if for some reason they are not worthy. This is bunk and BS!

Before I go any further, much of what I am going to tell you is contained in the book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. I have had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times and he seems like a nice guy. I suggest you go out and purchase a copy if you are serious about becoming wealthy he does a great job of explaining this.

As far as programming or your Money Blueprint goes, perhaps you heard while you were growing up for instance that you have to work hard to get ahead. That you have to work like a slave. That the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, the Filthy Rich and all of these sayings with negative connotations.

Not to get off track but the Rich will get Richer for the most part although recently, that has not been the case in the US but that is a story about a degenerative tax system that rewards laziness and punishes productivity.   This should not be a big WOW for anyone. They have to tools and knowledge to grow more money. Just like any good farmer versus city folk that think hoe is spelled Ho. Arghh That was too easy.

Back to the subject. Did your parents have arguments over money? Guess what your subconscious mind thinks when the subject of money comes up? You got it, bad, bad things. Guess what else happens? Your subconscious in order to protect you will make sure to that you do not get enough money so bad things will not happen to you.

Your subconscious can’t tell reality from make believe. So, while you frontal lobe may know the difference, you subconscious does not. Lets take advantage of that!

You need to believe deep down that is Ok for you to have money and that it is a good thing. How do you reprogram yourself? Much like you learn anything. Repetition of input. You should do this by writing, hearing it, and looking at it. But this may take a bit longer in that you will have to also unlearn what you think you know…LOL

This can be done first by writing it down and secondly by reaffirming it to yourself. Now you may be saying, geeshe this is a bunch of hooey. The only thing that I can say is how has what you have been doing so far working for you?

Look at it this way, if you are not wealthy yet, what have you got to loose? The things that I am going to tell you that you can do will only take about 10 minutes a day and it will only cost you pennies.

First off, and I know some of this stuff may seem a little bit silly but, I can assure you it does work.

Lets get started on the what you need to do. I will ask you to spend some money, that adage that you have to have money to make money is true, but not in the way think.

You need to buy a yellow pad, or a fresh spiral bound notebook and a pen or pencil. Get a string and attach it to the notepad. This way when you have a money idea you can always right it down. I want you to start all the way in the back. This way the latest thing that you do will be on top. Make sense?

Write your name at the top and the date. Write down underneath that, “I deserve to be wealthy.” “I deserve to have enough money to have fun and enjoy life and help those that I love. ” I have a wealthy mind and I am beginning to become more wealthy every day.” ” I am a money magnet.” Now read it aloud 12 times, yes 12.

For those of you that actually do this exercise you might have found it sounds silly and is kind of hard to do. It felt funny, didn’t it? Don’t worry, it will get easier once your subconscious buys into it. It may take awhile to convince it that all of the baloney that it has picked up over the years is exactly that. Do this every day for a month and two or three times a day is even better. You are going to be surprised at the results. If you have a spouse it will greatly help if they buy into this. If not it may be a bit harder and you can just tell them that if they give you any guff, that when you do become wealthy you may just trade up for someone that does appreciate you.

Stay Away From Crap Magnets

You also need to stay away from crap magnets.  (see previous post about them) Stay away from anyone that does not support you in this.  And I do mean anyone, especially relatives.

Now on to some fun stuff. It does not matter how much you make right now. We are going to figure out a budget that will make you money. Here is a plan on divvy up your funds.

If you read Harv’s book and I highly suggest that you do, he puts this exercise toward the back. But I think this is one of the most important steps.

Lets start with a budget. An honest to God right it down on paper budget. You might be saying that I don’t have a whole lot of money to start with or invest. It doesn’t matter, we will show you how to get it too. If you can’t handle what little money you do have now, how do you expect to handle a bunch of it?

I like to start with the best part first. You can do this with jars, shoe boxes, or a spreadsheet and a couple of bank accounts.

Now, what were are going to do is to start putting a portion of your money that you earn to work for you. It doesn’t matter if you have only $50.00 or $500 per month to budget. This program will help you ramp that up very quickly.

You Need A Fun Fund

We will go over a perfect scenario first. 10% of our budget will go for a Frolick fund. And yes, it is exactly that. You will have a fund that you have to spend every month on having Fun and Frolick for yourself.

Why on earth would you start a budget with a Frolick Fund? Well, it serves a couple of purposes. Not the least of which is to keep you and your subconscious motivated to continue with the program. Besides this will give you a taste of the Wealthy Mindset.

You and your subconscious mind works better with rewards and gratification. So, each month you have to go out and spend all of your Frolick fund. Maybe you want to get a massage, go to the movies, buy books, or whatever trips your trigger. But you have to spend all of it each and every month on doing something for you that brings you joy. Ok, you may only have $5 dollars a month at first but, I can guarantee you that once you get into the habit of allocating your money you will find that this amount will grow exponentially.

If you are a couple, this means you may want to do something together or do something separately. As long as it is fun and you spend every penny on you, you are good to go.

10% or $5 dollars goes into your Financial Freedom Account. This money is only to be used to create passive income. You never spend this principal amount, only the income that it produces.

The next portion is 10% that goes for your education account. Use this to educate yourself to make more money. Perhaps you use this to go to college or to take courses on making money or buying books. I know that I have invested a boat load of money attending different classes on different ways to make money. Guess what, it works.

The next portion is 10% and it goes for Long Term Savings for Spending at a later day account.

We have another 10% going for giving. Yes, you can give this to whomever or whatever you want. Now I always mess this part up as when I look around, I can’t think of anyone better to give it to than me…LOL

Let’s say the last 50% goes for overhead and bills and is our necessities account.

So, it should look like this.

10% for your Frolick Fund – you have to spend this on yourself and have fun
10% for passive investments
10% for long term saving for spending later
10% for giving – Even if it is to yourself if there is a deep hole 🙂
10% for education
50% for necessities

What does this do for you? Well, have you ever noticed that whatever you mind focuses on it has a tendency to expand and grow? You will be surprised at what starts to happen once you start doing this. You will start seeing opportunity everywhere!

Now where are you going to put all of these hard earned funds. Well, this comes down to where your interests lie.

The Pillow Ratio

What the Pillow Ratio is and why I only invest in small businesses and people

I happen to like the Internet to sell your product. I invest in my own businesses and actually in small niche businesses that I can help scale on the Internet.  I am still amazed that over 65% of the businesses in the US do not have a way to buy their product or service on the Internet. It has a very high Pillow Ratio for me. A pillow ratio is an investment that allows me to sleep well at night. LOL Here are just a few reasons why I only invest in small businesses and people directly.

One, there is no building to burn down, I have insurance in the form of backups of their site. I don’t have to worry about some idiotic CEO fudging the numbers or diddling his secretary and seeing my investment drop 80% in one day. I know what is going on. Generally, there are at least 500,000 new potential customers that go on the Web every day.

My overhead is low and the ” Store”  is open 24 hours a day. If you know what you are doing, you can make a boat load of money. I know I usually get better than a 50% to 100% cash on cash returns or I don’t mess with the deal.

But as you know, you should always consult a qualified professional before you invest your money.  I just play one on TV.  The kicker is to find one that knows his or her rear end from first base.

Your Best Investment

Your best investment without a doubt is the time and money you invest in yourself! Don’t forget that part.

As to some other money making ideas, how about finding a new job or a part-time job where you can expand your skill sets?

The point is that you can do anything to get extra money. Ever tried selling things on Ebay? It still works! Do you have any special skills or hobbies that you could put to use?  Babysitting, mowing lawns, putting together resumes, baking, anything to bring in more money to get you going.

Once you get into the money mindset and you will start having money come your way. And you will see more amazing ways to make money than you ever thought possible.

It takes constant practice and it does take work. I know I get off track every once in a while. But, when I do focus on it guess what?  Money starts coming in out of the wood work!

I know Harv recommends this and I really do as well. If I see change on the ground, even if it is just a penny pick it up and say ” I am a money magnet” and do a little jig. People think that I am crazy but you know what? The universe hears you and starts to send you more of it. Most importantly you own wonderful brain hears you and it starts to go into over drive.

Money finds those that appreciate it and it goes where it is wanted and taken care of. This may sound like mumbo jumbo but I have seen it happen time and time again. Do the same with the money you find in your pants, or your purse. Money will start to come your way, be ready for it, no matter how big or small.

Lets wrap this up and put it in its most basic terms. Start paying attention to and taking care of your money and it will pay attention and take care of you.

Have fun and remember that you deserve to be wealthy and successful and you are a Money Magnet!


Andrew Anderson