How concentrating on one tree at a time and killing Bed Bugs will make you a lot more money.

foresttree Will do my best to stay on point here today and after this week, I will go back to doing more of these in video format. But you will just have to read this one. 😉

I want to explain Why this is relevant right now for where you are and How it came about.

In looking at all I have going on right now in my business ventures, I have probably never been more aware of how all of the work and thought that has gone into my various business ventures pays off.

I probably have more actual real business going on than in anytime in my career and yet, I feel less stressed about it than I ever have before.

Bed Bug!

Part of the reason is that I have specifically sought out and learned techniques that allow me to be aware of what is going on in the moment and to take a step back and take both a 10,000 foot view of where everything is and being able to just a second later, zoom in on a specific issue. Kind of like the Google Map viewer that gives you the global view and then allows you to see what things look like right down on street level.

Or to bring in the analogy, to see the Forest and yet be able to zoom in and see the individual tree.

The more quickly you can develop this ability in yourself, the quicker you are going to make more Money period. The causality is nearly instantaneous.

But often times, we are so busy that unless you have made it a point to practice this Zoom In and Zoom Out ability, you are going to miss a lot of things, especially small ones that will make you more money based on their supposed relevance that you could dream of by far.

One of the things that I seen constantly in those around me, myself, and my clients is doing tasks that can easily be done by someone else to at least 85% of the skill or capacity that you can do them. Thereby letting you concentrate on those tasks that only you can do that put money on your bottom line.

It can be simple things like having someone else make deposits or go to the bank or to the Office Supply store. And this is a big one for me, Editing. 🙂

How about updating your Blog or you typing the stupid things out instead of dictating them saving you about 80% of your time for bigger and better things.

Don’t get me wrong, regular readers know how I feel about Blogs and I feel that they are essential. Those people that don’t Blog regularly are just setting themselves up for their competition to knock them off and take their customers away.

Another Tree vs Forest issues is that if you have an infected tree, you need to cut it down and burn it as fast as you can so that it does not infect other trees. Much like what you do when you have borer Beatles.

I was reminded of this by a friend that has a bunch of negative catty women in their office that are constantly negative and counter productive. With as many people out of work as there are now and as many great candidates available to hire, fire them immediately and get someone new in there to replace them.

These Crap Magnets (Click Here to read the post on Crap Magnets) or Bed Bugs are costing you far more money than you could ever imagine. They are like Bed Bugs, they infect everything and everyone they come in contact with and they are sucking the life blood of your company in both moral and profits right out the window.

They are not harmless and they should be treated as a disease that they are. If you think you are being nice or tolerant by having those types of people in your organization, you are not. You are being merely foolish to let it knowingly last even one more day now that you know this.

You are also hurting everyone else in your organization by even letting them breathe in the same air.

If you don’t think you have the time or the effort to examine the shape of your trees or do some Bed Bug exterminating, then bring in a consultant to do it for you. It will be well worth the expense.

If you are ready to step your game up a notch and want some help, just contact me and I will be happy to help. You will be amazed at one can be accomplished in a day or two.

Regardless, take a 10,000 view of your operation, then zoom in and see what one or two little things you can assign to someone to give you more free time and check and see if you have any Bed Bugs or Crap Magnets in your organization and get rid of them or bring in some help to do it for you.

Your bottom line will show nearly instantaneous results the minute you make that decision.

Have a Profitable Day!

Andrew “Easy” Anderson