Featured In Fox Small Business

Well, good PR and Marketing is better than no PR and Marketing don’t you think? ๐Ÿ™‚ Just wanted to get a yes out of you right up front here. The answer is yes of course! So, the nice folks over at the Fox Business Website were kind enough to feature one of the companies that […]

Google Panda And Your Business

GOOGLE PANDA Google has updated it latest search engine called Panda and some people have more than a few things to worry about and others are happy as clams. What does all of this mean to most of us as business owners?ย  Well, it means we have to one more thing we have to keep […]

How Would You Like To Be On The First Page Of Google?

I am breaking into the Vault of SEO tricks and am going to make a very, very limited offer.ย  If you have watched some of what I have presented over the past few years on SEO you have seen some of what I can deliver. I am tired of the posers out there and it […]

Bad Video VS No Video

Bad Video VS No Video And The Winner Is… Cheers, Andrew Anderson Profit Consultant

Gene Simmons Of Kiss On Marketing

Gene Simmons Of Kiss On Marketing Ok, if you have only watched Gene Simmons of KISS on the Apprentice or Family Jewels listen to this interview. It is a treat. This is shows why Gene is the smartest guy in entertainment. Did you know that Kissย  has more license agreements than the Beatles?ย  It have […]

Capitalism Works For Local Governments Too

Capitalism works in local government too. Why isn’t your city doing this? You might want to ask…. Find out why this city has no long-term debt and kept taxes low, has great services and is beautiful while most other cities have just the opposite going on.

Does SEO Matter For Making Money On Your Site?

Marketing And SEO www.21to21.com

My SEO Sucks Kinda.. But, I Still Make Money And So Can You. Here Is How!

Marketing And SEO www.21to21.com

OK, as a regular reader, you know what I have said about this Website.

It is the Red Headed step child that gets lavish but sporadic attention. But mostly it is neglected. Not for long, but for the past few years, it has been. While I do SEO consulting, a lot of the elements here on this site Suck for SEO. But other elements of the sight are some of the best in the world and Google proves it. NO, I am not going to tell you which parts are which. I need to keep the competition on it’s toes. And frankly, most them are clueless.

It is still my contention that if you really know your shit about SEO, you will not just be schlepping yourself out as an SEO consultant. You will be able to make a lot of money setting up our own sites and services and using your SEO and Marketing chops (those two hardly ever go together) and you will make far more money doing that, that you can being an SEO prostitute.

Why You Must Be Mobile Ready!

Why you must be mobile ready!

Just check the first 15 minutes of this video and you will see why you need to be mobile ready. The rest about Flash is not relevant. Flash is dead and don’t use it. It will not work on iPhones, or iPads. Do not fight Apple. ๐Ÿ™‚