My SEO Sucks Kinda.. But, I Still Make Money And So Can You. Here Is How!

Marketing And SEO

OK, as a regular reader, you know what I have said about this Website.

It is the Red Headed step child that gets lavish but sporadic attention. But mostly it is neglected.  Not for long, but for the past few years, it has been.  While I do SEO consulting, a lot of the elements here on this site Suck for SEO. But other elements of the sight are some of the best in the world and Google proves it. NO, I am not going to tell you which parts are which.  I need to keep the competition on it’s toes. And frankly, most of them are clueless.

It is still my contention that if you really know your shit about SEO, you will not just be schlepping yourself out as an SEO consultant. You will be able to make a lot of money setting up our own sites and services and using your SEO and Marketing chops (those two hardly ever go together) and you will make far more money doing that, that you can being an SEO prostitute.

The main reason I do it is to help keep my SEO/Marketing chops honed by working in different niches so that I can apply what I learned to my own niche.

You also may know that for about a week, I showed you how I dominated not only Google and Yahoo, but Bing as well.  You also know that I only kept that info up for exactly 7 days before I took it down.  Again, it was worth too much money.

So, in the meantime, this site brings me in a plethora of high caliber clients.  I do not want nor do I need a million people knocking at my door. Just 3 to 5 a year these days is plenty. I probably turn down 50 times that amount. Just because I am a picky bastard and only want to work on Fun projects that have a huge upside potential in niche markets I like.

This site does seem to attract those type of clients.  Now the big question is does your site attract the type of clients you need and want?

Good SEO Is Not Necessary!

Here is the honest truth.  Good SEO is great, but it is not necessary. You can never show up on Google and still have a GREAT business and be highly profitable.  Really you can. There are so many ways to reach clients it is not even funny.  SEO is only good if it makes you money.

That is where most SEO consultants fall right on their ass.  They do not see, nor do they understand the value of everything else.  Which is what bites them and their clients in the butt every single time.  🙂  I love it actually.  You should too.

Good Marketing Is Necessary!

Give me a guy that knows how to do direct marketing any day of the week and I can teach him SEO. But you can’t teach most SEO guys marketing plain and simple.

Which brings me back to my main point. If you take advantage of all of the Guerrilla Marketing available, you could never need worry about SEO.  It will take care of itself if you have a good platform for you Website.  Again, I only recommend WordPress because everything else is so inferior it is not even funny for 99% of the business out there.

And, there are some new items in the WordPress arena that are going to put your SEO on auto-pilot for the most part that I will tell you about shortly.

So, to wrap things up here…  Marketing trumps SEO every day of the week.  That is not to say there are not things you can do to help you along in that arena, but Marketing expenditures can be done by themselves, but SEO should never be done without integrating it with Marketing.  If you do, your results will more than likely be far less than you hoped for and far less than you should accept.

Andrew Anderson
Profit Consultant

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