FoxBusiness News And Convert To WordPress.orgWell, good PR and Marketing is better than no PR and Marketing don’t you think? 🙂 Just wanted to get a yes out of you right up front here. The answer is yes of course!

So, the nice folks over at the Fox Business Website were kind enough to feature one of the companies that I helped start today and that is a great way to start off 2012.

The great thing that is now allows us to say is this.

“As Featured On Fox Business News”

This brings a lot of social proof to our site and gives people confidence in at least talking with us about doing their Website.

The lesson here is that PR / Marketing and getting the word out is a lot like bathing, they all work best when you do it on a regular basis and other than investing time, there is not a lot of cost to it, but the payoffs can be huge.

With the Web, there are so many opportunities out there it is not even funny. Figure out the places you go for news and contact them and find out what their criteria is for having them do a story and then follow through and give them exactly what they want!

Oh and by the way, if you need a Website, check out .

Good luck out there and I will spend a lot more time on how you can get a ton of publicity for pennies on the dollar.

Easy Anderson