Google has updated it latest search engine called Panda and some people have more than a few things to worry about and others are happy as clams.

What does all of this mean to most of us as business owners?  Well, it means we have to one more thing we have to keep tabs on, but it also further reinforces what I have been saying for years to all of my SEO clients and to my business partners.

What is the best SEO strategy?

Give Google and people what they want, which is good relevant content.  Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

You don’t try and trick Google and you don’t try and “Trick” people to come to your website.

If you consistently deliver up good quality content about the subject at hand you win, period.

Are there best practice rules and techniques on how to do this that 99.8 % of most busiensses don’t know about and perhaps 99.999% of the new breed of fly by night SEO consultants don’t know about? ABSOLUTELY!

And you know what? It will probably stay that way simply because this information is so valuable.  Being listed on the first page of  Google for your search term is not worth just a little bit more business, but 10x to 100x more than not being listed in some cases.

But, here again, if you do the common sense things to get listed in the first place,  then you are ahead of the vast majority of business owners and consultants out there.

I will post some of the basics that you can start doing right away and here is the first one.

Blog, blog, blog, blog.  It is perhaps not only the easiest way for Google to show you some love, but also the most direct way for your customers to show you love as well.  They may find you through a business card or word of mouth and in your blog if you show that they you know what you are talking about, then you are far ahead of your competition.  I am talking about blogging at least once a week here.

More on this later.  But, the bottom line is give the Panda whatever it wants and it will be nice to you. If not, it has a vicious bite.


Andrew “Easy” Anderson