The 7 Ps, Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance


Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

I am bumping this post up because I am reminded of the value and transcendental truth of this yet again.

The first time I heard that adage from two young guys named Hollis and Carter. It was like someone slapped me upside the head and it was

(As some of you may know, I have been involved in what has become a rather large software project that as they often do, is taking a bit longer to put together than we had hoped, yet is still on track for doing what we had planned it to do.

What we planned for it to do is basically make everything that I had cussed various Web designers, Programmers and pieces software out for and make it easy to do for an amateur. That is make it easy to put together Websites, Blogs, Sales and Squeeze pages, and Shopping Carts for someone with no technical skills whatsoever.

Basically we wanted to give someone who’s sole technical skill was to check their email, the ability to create what normally only professional Website developers and Programmers could do at a huge cost, and on top of that, be able to do it in a few hours, not in a few days or weeks that it would take a Pro to do.

Guess what? We freakin pulled it off and I think it is going to be a game changer as far as how Websites, Blogs, Landing Pages, and profitable online businesses are put together.

My point about bringing this up is that this never could have happened had we not planned to do this at the outset. Regardless of how many people said it could never be done, if we had not properly planned it out, it would not have been brought into being and we would have ended up with just another piss poor piece of software.)

The impact was so great because in the Organization People Pattern(tm) of my Personality Language(tm) profile, I am a Free Spirit and I never used to like to really plan anything because it bugged the heck out of me. I know the reason why and it was mostly because I was rebelling against the rigid Structurists that were around me.

By the way, if you have not read the book Personality Language yet, I highly suggest it. It is kind of mind blowing as to what it will tell you about what makes you and others tick. I learned more in that book about basic human behavior than any other book that I have read

5 Things You Can Do Today To Increase Your Profit And Productivity By 40%

5 things

5 Things that you can do today to increase your productivity by 40%

Above are the 5 things that you can incorporate into your daily routine that can easily increase your productivity by 40%. The reason I know this is possibly is because I have done it. And actually, my increase was quite a bit more than that to tell you the truth. I actually incorporated some other things as well that I will do another post on at a later time, but these 5 I have found can have a profound impact on virtually anyone that tries them for just one day, let alone one week.

Increase My Productivity BY 40%

1. Write out what I “HAVE” to get done the night before. There are numerous studies backing this up in that when you actually write or type something out, it changes the way it is stored in your brain. I and other have also noted that once you write something down, it lets your sub-conscious have a go at it and results often pop full formed in my noodle first thing in the morning. This technique has been recommended by a lot of people from the great motivator and human behavior modeler Napoleon Hill onward to present day writers.

Making Your Blog And Website Make Sense

Tangled Image

OK, I am finally in the midst of taking the time from working on other projects to working on I want to lead by example on this one and also let you in on some highly tested methods for putting your Blog or Website in order and Knot be all tangled up. Hey, I thought is was funny. So, hopefully in the next few days I will lay things out here so that they are easier to find and use. In the meantime, welcome to a full on tangle and the inner workings of my noodle.

It basically comes down to putting thing in order, finding out what categories work, along with what sub-categories you are going to use. Oh, lest we forget tags, they matter too.

Words To Profit From

“The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.”

Robert Frost

“You are what you tweet… :)” – Andrew Anderson

“The gap between rich and poor will continue as long as the poor keep doing the things that made them that way and are not taught how not to be poor.” – Andrew Anderson

“Try using common sense. It is not very common these days and is considered quite cutting edge by those people that lack it.” – Andrew Anderson

A Complete Reprint of P.T. Barnum’s Classic Book “Art Of Money Getting” For Free!

P.T. Barnum

Art Of Money Getting

I am making a copy of “Art Of Money Getting” By P.T. Barnum available to download in PDF format for FREE. This is from a post I did awhile ago, but I thought it worth mentioning again. It is worth rereading on a regular basis.

In the video I go over some of the highlights in the book. Click To Watch Video and it looks best in Full Screen Mode. Just hover in the lower right hand corner and clickthe Box. Hit ESC to come back to regular mode.

I am making’s reprint of P.T. Barnum’s classic book “Art Of Money Getting” available here for free in PDF format.

Google Confirms (Again) That Breadcrumb Navigation Can Help Your Site Ranking

Google Confirms (Again) That Breadcrumb Navigation Can Help Your Site Ranking

Breadcrumb Navication

Google has once again confirmed that Breadcrumb navigation can help your page ranking. What is funny is that I have been meaning to do a blog post on this for sometime now. They actually officially came out with this in 2008 PDF document that they released.

You can get the document for free when you sign up for my newsletter over there in the right hand column… hint, hint. It is full of goodies directly from Google on how to get better page rankings.

I have used this in my previous sites but have only just got around to doing so on this site. If you see my previous posts, this site is a work in progress with most of the things going on behind the scenes as it were. Do as I say, not as you see here is my current motto. 🙂

Warren Buffett Comments On Obama’s New Bank Regulations


Warren Buffett, Obama, The Banks, And You

Warren Buffett, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway on Fox Business News today said that he does not agree with Obama’s New Proposed Regulations on Banks placing Government Regulations on risk. He said that he felt it was the individual’s CEO’s and even their wives responsibility to manage risk.

He said that if there are failures, that the CEO’s should have to pay for failing to manage those risks. He also went on to say that by implementing such regulations, there there are often unintended consequences.

And those consequences may already be happening as Banking stocks have tanked today and JP. Morgan and others may be getting rid of their banking divisions.

Want To Get Great Search Rankings? Latent Semantic Indexing

I am updating this post. While I would love to show you some results of this, the only thing that I will say at the moment is that this had helped me get several from page listings simultaneously on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. But remember, you have to have great relevant content first and foremost. Content really is King, and Queen and every other piece on the board.


If you are a regular reader here, you know that I don’t often recommend too many products and when I do, they are only the best of the best. And if you are into getting your site ranked high in searches and if you are in business, this should be one of your priorities, then I have something to share with you.

Most of your have probably never heard of Dr. Andy Williams, but you here is why you should get to know him and Colin McDougall for that matter. More on Colin later.

He has what I consider the best tools out there to help you with search rankings. It is not a gimmick, or trick, or black hat junk, but some very advanced scientific analyzing software to find out what you need to do to help get your ranked for certain search terms using latent semantic indexing and giving Google, and Yahoo exactly what they want and need to rank you higher.

Latent Semantic Indexing

Domino’s Pizza’s New Marketing Results Are In – Not Looking Good


UPDATE Wednesday, January 20th

Well as more votes come in on the poll, it is not looking any better for Domino’s Pizza. About 40.53% like the old Pizza better, 12.87% say is is OK, and only 46.53% like it better. So, what this means is that they have the potential to lose 40% of the customer base. The only way the can even make a percentage of that up would to be to bring in new customers to replace those they they are going to lose.

The likelihood of them stealing that many customers from other brands is highly unlikely. You have a better chance of seeing a cow jump over the moon. As I have said, they should have added the new recipe, not gotten rid of the old one. But then again, I guess that I why I get paid the big bucks for saving companies from doing stupid things and wasting millions and killing off stock valuations. 🙂

About a week ago, I did a video as to why Domino’s Pizza’s new Marketing program was probably going to fail and fail big time. In my highly unscientific poll that I did below, it does back up what I said would happen. As I predicted, it appears that they could lose a large chunk of their market share instead of gaining any.

It appears they could lose at least 40% of their customer based. If they would have just polled their customers using a simple poll like this, it could have saved them millions.

Do you like the new Domino’s Pizza? If you have tried it, take the poll and let me know. You can see the results as soon as you choose an answer.

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WordPress Installed For Free

Get WordPress Installed For FREE.

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