P.T. Barnum

Art Of Money Getting

I am making a copy of “Art Of Money Getting” By P.T. Barnum available to download in PDF format for FREE. This is from a post I did awhile ago, but I thought it worth mentioning again. It is worth rereading on a regular basis.

In the video I go over some of the highlights in the book. Click To Watch Video and it looks best in Full Screen Mode. Just hover in the lower right hand corner and clickthe Box. Hit ESC to come back to regular mode.

I am making 21to21.com’s reprint of P.T. Barnum’s classic book “Art Of Money Getting” available here for free in PDF format.

I dare say you have heard of P.T. Barum and his circus before, but you may not have heard of his ground breaking book. In this book you will find nearly every single thing you need to succeed even in today’s business world. It contains nearly everything you have probably read in any of the current best selling success books, but with a different twist.

I think it blows away the “The Secret” which was taken from a book written 40 years later.

If you read it, I would love to hear what you think about it so please post your responses back here. His advertising advice is amazingly accurate and coincides with what we have found.

To get it, simply go over to the right there and sign up for my Weekly Profit Results and you will receive a link to download it along with the other books as well.


Andrew “Easy” Anderson