Google Confirms (Again) That Breadcrumb Navigation Can Help Your Site Ranking

Breadcrumb Navication

Google has once again confirmed that Breadcrumb Navigation can help your page ranking.  What is funny is that I have been meaning to do a blog post on this for sometime now.  They actually officially came out with this in a 2008 PDF document that they released.

You can get the document for free when you sign up for my newsletter over there in the right hand column… hint, hint.  It is full of goodies directly from Google on how to get better page rankings.

I have used this in my previous sites but have only just got around to doing so on this site.  If you see my previous posts, this site is a work in progress with most of the things going on behind the scenes as it were.  Do as I say, not as you see here is my current motto.  🙂

So if you theme lets you do Breadcrumb Navigation, it can and will help your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  You can also use which has it built in as a standard feature.  That is what I am using for this site.  It can do wonderful things for your SEO and I will show you some of them here soon.

I have a couple of other techniques you can use that I share in my newsletter.  If you have not signed up for the newsletter, you should. It is free and you get 3 free books with it as well.  Not to mention my SEO tips.

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