Improve Your Chances Of Profit And Success By 228%

How To Improve Your Chances of Success In Anything That You Want To Do By 228% Would you like to know what is holding you back from Success? There are more than likely only 3 things that are doing it and I am going to show you how to overcome them in the next 5 […]

1and1 Versus GoDaddy equals Night and Day

Normally I don’t like to complain about really bad service but I do have a tale to tell about 1and1 that I have to pass on and compare them with GoDaddy. Talk about night and day. Whereas Go Daddy bends over backwards to help you, 1and1 does the exact opposite or at least that is […]

Go Daddy And Success

If you have not heard of GoDaddy you may have been living under a rock, but if not, is probably the best known Domain service out there and the only one that I recommend period. What you may not know is that Bob Parson’s is probably one of the sharpest marketers out there and […]

What Are You Focusing On?

What are you focusing on?  I am pulling this one directly out of my own playbook and the question is directly relevant to how much money you are going to make. Are you focusing on getting things done and out there that can actually make you money?  If not, you are shooting yourself in the […]

Your Customers

Don’t know who you are. Don’t know your company or what it does. Don’t know your product. Don’t know know your record of actually doing anything. Don’t know how you are going to help them. Don’t know if what your are selling is worth their money or time. Have never been to your site before […]

Are You Using The Right Key Words?

Just got done meeting with a client about the keywords that they were using and they wanted me to change what I had used in their main intro because it did not contain their industry jargon.  They had fallen in love with a few words and description and were using it everywhere but…… having not […]