Don’t know who you are.

Don’t know your company or what it does.

Don’t know your product.

Don’t know know your record of actually doing anything.

Don’t know how you are going to help them.

Don’t know if what your are selling is worth their money or time.

Have never been to your site before and the only thing they are really interested in is how you are going to fix whatever problem they are having right now.


How are you going to show them that you can fix their problem right away? Can they click at most two times to solve their problem?

If not your are losing customers….

This is a takeoff on a classic David Ogilvy Advertisement from about 40 years ago but it still rings true today.  The only thing your customers really care about is how you are going to help them solve their problems as fast as possible.   If you can explain their problem to them better than they can, they will credit you with the knowledge of how to fix it and therefore buy from you.

So, if you have visitors to your site but they are not converting or just plain leave, then your website design is hosed and does not follow the above.   If you don’t get your website fixed, you can bet there  is a competitor out there that will fix his or her’s and gladly take your customers away from you for good.

And also for Pete’s sake, sites with light backgrounds and dark text out sell sites with dark backgrounds and light text 2 to 1.  So, if you have an artsy fartsy web designer that says it looks cool…. tell her while that may be true,  making money form the site is actually even cooler.   🙂