Normally I don’t like to complain about really bad service but I do have a tale to tell about 1and1 that I have to pass on and compare them with GoDaddy. Talk about night and day. Whereas Go Daddy bends over backwards to help you, 1and1 does the exact opposite or at least that is what appears to be on my case.

When one of my clients with dozens of domain names with 1and1, it took over 40 phone calls to straighten out an auto renewal issue with them. They were automatically renewing domains and charging for them even thought we had repeatedly requested that they be turned off and we even went through their process to turn off auto-renewal several times and told them it was not working.

They finally did turn off auto-renewal after 20 emails and 40 phone calls. It was like the movie Ground Hog Day. But when they did get them turned off, also shut down hosting services. It is laughable except for the wasted time and effort and about $400 in domains that should have just expired.

Compare this with one phone call or an email to Go Daddy and things happen fast. I also think that Go Daddy’s customer support is based in the US. The language barrier with 1and1 was pretty bad too as they were outsourcing their customer service overseas.

So that is why as long as Bob Parsons runs a tight ship we will get our Domains from him and host with Fast Host although in an email I got from one of Bob’s folks, it said they are getting their hosting up too speed as well. So it just may be a one stop shop.