What are you focusing on?  I am pulling this one directly out of my own playbook and the question is directly relevant to how much money you are going to make.

Are you focusing on getting things done and out there that can actually make you money?  If not, you are shooting yourself in the foot for sure.

It is so easy to get scattered and be working on a dozen projects that really are not going to help you get money in your pocket.  It really is about getting things done and out there, even if they are only 85% or 90% of where you think they should be.

I was reminded of this fact last week while speaking with one of my partners.  We were actually looking a a website that I must say was probably one of the worst graphic disasters that I have seen in sometime but, it was up, it have a payment button and a good description of the product and the guy had something done and out there and had at least put himself in front of the possibility of making money.  So, he was a 1,000% ahead of the vast majority of people, including myself on one particular project that should have been out there two months ago.

So, 80% or 90% and out rather than waiting for 100% and never being put out there will win hands down every time.  Get it done, Do IT.  Put yourself in front of money.