Coke and Warren Buffet Day 5

Day 5 of the Coke and Warren Buffet Werror (web error) saga.  Well, I have still not heard from either Warren Buffet or Coke dang it and they still have a werror on their main page.  🙂

Coke Werror (Web Error) Day Number 4

Coke has still not fixed their Werror on day number 4.  Do you think that they think it is some new cool design?  🙂 I just coined a new term “Werror” for Web Error.  Do you think it will stick? And yes, I will get the other tool video up later today or this evening.

Opt Me Out Please…

In looking at my in box these days, I keep on seeing it as I am sure you do. Crap…. Not only the spam, most of which is taken care of, but the offers I get from some of the Guru’s and consultants that I used to like and respect. They are turning into nothing […]