In looking at my in box these days, I keep on seeing it as I am sure you do. Crap…. Not only the spam, most of which is taken care of, but the offers I get from some of the Guru’s and consultants that I used to like and respect. They are turning into nothing more the shrill Carney Barkers and doing a bad job at that.

The whole email your list every day phenomena, that is sweeping through a lot of circles was bound to backfire and I sense that it already is in many niches.

Guess what guys and gals? You are not that smart and you can’t possibly be discovering new and wonderful profit making secrets that I have to hear about on a daily basis. Now Of course you are only sharing them with the other 100,000 people on your list, but who is counting?

I sense the time for a little sanity to seep back into marketing on the Internet and those early adopters that use common sense are going to make lots and lots of money and, have some grateful customers for life.

I know that many of the customers that we are working with, have not fallen for this latest fad and their steadily climbing revenues are proof that it is the way to go.

Now do I think they are evil people if they email their list every day? Nope, just a tad short sighted. So, before you decide to rev up your list, think about it for just a minute and do you want that done to you?


Andrew Anderson

PS Do not email me every day unless you have a check included….