Capitalism Works For Local Governments Too

Capitalism works in local government too. Why isn’t your city doing this? You might want to ask…. Find out why this city has no long-term debt and kept taxes low, has great services and is beautiful while most other cities have just the opposite going on.

Qauntitative Easing Why It Is Really Bad, And Using Videos Right

Here is a great video on Quantitative Easing. This is what had so many countries truly ticked off and upset with the the President and the Fed during his most recent whirl wind trip around the World. It also is a GREAT example of how to use a simple video to explain a complex subject. […]

Apple, Gold, Silver, Oil,The Falling Dollar, And How To Profit From Them

appleI used to have a blog that discussed investments. I took the site down about 18 months ago because I had too many things going on, but I want to bring the four things that I was very high on investment wise at the time.

Gold, Silver, Oil, and Apple Computers.

Let’s us start with Apple. I was talking to people about purchasing Apple Call options in the 100’s a couple of years out and predicting that you would make over 50%. Well, how about making 500%.

At Last, How To Profit In This Economy Using Virtual Assistants Or VA’s

Customer Service

Virtual Assistants Allow You To Survive And Thrive

WomanMouse OK, let’s face it. In spite of everything the talking heads in DC say, they are not helping small to medium sized businesses at all. The largest spending bill in the History of the World has been a big flop. Not that this is surprising to anyone that knows anything about History or Economics, but Oh well. They have taken the Economy that was in the Ditch as they are found of saying and driven it Thelma and Louise style off the Cliff.

Start Your Business NOW! Here is why you should not wait until next year.

Start Your Business Now – Here Is Why

If you have ever thought about starting your own business or taking it up a notch or three now is the time.

image I have covered this in several previous posts, but I think it is really worth repeating based on what is happening right now.

You may have heard the Administration is going to ride herd on the largest overall tax increase in the history of the country, but you may have not seen the numbers in black and white. Here they are.

Apple And The iPhone And Piling On – A Trend Of The Times?

Bashing Success And Apologizing For Exceptionalism You must have heard by now that Apple has a few issues with the iPhone unless you were living in a cave.  Well, by all accounts if you get your news from the LameStream media, you would think that every iPhone is terrible and that the Government should step […]

Chaos And Opportunity – We Are In The Midst Of Both

Chaos And Opportunity – We Are In The Midst Of Both.  I love it when it pulls up the Frame where you look like a dork don’t you?   🙂 I will be doing another video soon on some specifics that I mention in this video.