Virtual Assistants Allow You To Survive And Thrive

WomanMouse OK, let’s face it. In spite of everything the talking heads in DC say, they are not helping small to medium sized businesses at all. The largest spending bill in the History of the World has been a big flop.  Not that this is surprising to anyone that knows anything about History or Economics, but Oh well.  They have taken the Economy that was in the Ditch as they are found of saying and driven it Thelma and Louise style off the Cliff.

Point in fact, the more they say they are helping, the more we find out they are putting small and medium sized businesses in the cross hairs for shot to the head and extinction.  Perhaps never before in the history of the US do you have a more clueless bunch of Politicians when it comes to the Economy.

Although, I may take have to take that back as their is a growing consensus that they know exactly what they are doing and they are doing it on purpose and there is a stack of evidence pointing toward that view.  This is simply because that no one in their right mind would believe that you can spend and tax your way to prosperity.  So, therefore it is being done on purpose for control, socialism, and the redistribution of wealth.

We contend that for a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.
Winston Churchill

They tried this progressive stupidity when Churchill was around and it did not work back then, nor will it work now.  I think anyone with more than two brain cells realizes the spending on stupid things has to stop.

With that being said, if you want to stay in business, take care of your family and existing employees, or flat out just survive, you need to cut costs, increase efficiency, or better yet, figure out how to do both as fast as you can.  If you don’t, you won’t stick around for very long. And not to rain on the parade, but the biggest tax increase in history is coming in January and they specifically said they will not give small businesses a break.  Read about the tax hikes here.

The world knows this and has proven it today by pushing gold to the highest price in history. They voted with their money and there is no truer or less corrupt ballot than that.

So, how can you survive what is going on?

Virtual Assistants Or VA’s To The Rescue

One of the ways to do that is to use Virtual Assistants.  Why? Because hands down, the usually cost less than 25% to 80% than hiring an employee.  And with all of the new

regulations on mandatory health care and all of the new taxes you have to pay, it is becoming even more economical.

I got my first Virtual Assistant or VA back in the 90’s and really got on the band wagon in 2007 when I went and found a bunch of them.

VA Typically right now, I pay between $6.50 to $7,50 per hour for my administrative VA’s.  And rather than pay someone per hour to do my Transcription, I have a fixed cost of $18 per one full Audio Hour.  These costs are totals.  There is no other expenses involved.  Nada!

On the Transcription for instance, that is equal to 10 to 20 Blog posts like this that I can whip off and record and they come back to me all typed up. That is about 7,000 to 9,000 words typed for only $18!  Think about how much work that is and how much more productive you can be!

Compare that with probably paying someone $15 to $25 per hour, plus taxes, benefits, retirement contributions, and now mandatory health care and you can easily be in the $30 to $50 per hour range.  And in many places, even higher. Argghh.

So, comparing apples to apples here, I am going to pay about 75% to 90% less than if I were to hire a regular employee.  Not to mention office space and equipment.  And, if I don’t need them, I don’t have to worry about laying them off.

Now, the larger companies have been doing this for about 40 years or more, and it actually goes back hundreds of years.  But, because of the Internet, it is available for any business that has access to the Internet to do the same things the big boys do.

Not only can I add a whole lot to my bottom line and get lots more done, I am also free to travel.  I am not tied to an office. Where I have access to the Internet, I can run my business.

Freedom and lifestyle were the main reasons why I got on the VA bandwagon in the first place.

Now, that I have sold you on VA’s, many people just starting out have trouble with finding good ones.  I just want to let you know that this is normal.

Over the years, I have found the  “Great to Bad” ratio for VA’s is 30 to 1.  In that I have to go through or interview about 30 VA’s to find one good one that is a real keeper.

So, plan on going through a number of them to find a good one.  But, it is well worth the effort!

A Moral Dilemma? Not Really…

There will be a few people out there that say there is a moral dilemma with this.  Well great, I hope you are my competition.  🙂  I won’t go into details, but the bottom line is if logic is used, there really is not a moral dilemma at all if you take some time to think about it.

Well, actually there is but the moral dilemma falls on the side of not using them.

It is the dilemma of businesses that  go out of business by not taking advantage of VA’s when they explain to their families why they won’t be able to afford their house, car, or put food on the table.

The biggest dilemma is truly about not getting VA’s right away so that you can save your company, yourself, your family and your business.   The dilemma is in not using this tool to allow you to prosper, profit, and keep the employees you have.

The Upside

The upside is HUGE!  How would you like to to be making more money and working less?

How would you like to be able to start doing things with your loved ones and family that you could not afford before?

How would you like to become financially secure and not worry about money ever again?

How would you like the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you wanted knowing that your business was humming along and making money while you are traveling and sleeping for that matter?

How would you like to immediately reduce expenses?  How would you like to not worry about what the idiots in DC are doing to health care or employee mandates that you have to somehow come up with the money to pay for them out of your own pocket as a small business?

How about not having to worry about money for a change?

How would you like to send of an assignment before you go to bed and wake up to find it complete when you wake up in the morning?  Trust me on this, it is an awesome feeling.

In my book “Start On Monday” that you can purchase buy clicking on the cover below, I go into more details on how to effectively use VA’s to help your business profit.  Plus, you get to read it and try it out for 14 days before you decide to pay for it!

Start On Monday

Plus, you can get six hours of VA time right now to try them out for only $45.

Also, when you purchase the book, you get a 45 day free membership in my program. With it, you get access to my VA’s at the prices above.   This takes the hassles out of finding good ones.  If you like it, it is only $15.77 per month.  I made it so low that I did not want anyone to use price as a reason not to take advantage of this offer.

I will be posting more information on VA’s and how to set your business up to be run virtually soon.  If you have any specific questions, I would love to hear them.

Andrew “Easy” Anderson