Start Your Business NOW! Here is why you should not wait until next year.

Start Your Business Now – Here Is Why

If you have ever thought about starting your own business or taking it up a notch or three now is the time.

image I have covered this in several previous posts, but I think it is really worth repeating based on what is happening right now.

You may have heard the Administration is going to ride herd on the largest overall tax increase in the history of the country, but you may have not seen the numbers in black and white. Here they are.

Lech Walesa Gives Advice To The United States

Lech Walesa gives his view of the world and some friendly advice to the United States of America

He speaks about the state of Entrepreneurs and Capitalism and the lack of morality in our government today.

This man is one of a very, very few politicians that I have respect for these days. He is of the mold of our founding fathers in that he put his life on the line when he got into politics. He led the way for the downfall of the Soviet Union and is truly one of the great leaders of the past 100 years. If you are old enough to remember the time when he lead Poland on a path to Democracy and most importantly Free Market Capitalism, you may feel the same way I do.

He stared down execution and torture to lead Poland to its current prosperity and freedom as a Union Organizer for the shipbuilders. And unlike the Union organizers in the US, he then went on to be and still is one of the biggest promoters of Free Market Capitalism and Entrepreneurs in the world. He has also seen first hand the destruction and evil that Intellectual Elitism, Communism and Socialism can do first hand and offers some advice for the people of the United States.

This from a man who has been there and done that and actually walks the talk. And look , no teleprompters! 🙂

A Complete Reprint of P.T. Barnum’s Classic Book “Art Of Money Getting” For Free!

P.T. Barnum

Art Of Money Getting

I am making a copy of “Art Of Money Getting” By P.T. Barnum available to download in PDF format for FREE. This is from a post I did awhile ago, but I thought it worth mentioning again. It is worth rereading on a regular basis.

In the video I go over some of the highlights in the book. Click To Watch Video and it looks best in Full Screen Mode. Just hover in the lower right hand corner and clickthe Box. Hit ESC to come back to regular mode.

I am making’s reprint of P.T. Barnum’s classic book “Art Of Money Getting” available here for free in PDF format.

John Stossel And Ayn Rand

As a dyed in the wool Capitalist and a fan of Ayn Rand, I thought I would put these videos of John Stossel’s New Show up for you. Interesting viewing for sure.

In it he discusses Atlas Shrugged, the book by Ayn Rand with a number of people and he talks about the similarities that are going on today.

I am including all 6 videos.

If you want to read the book, I suggest that you don’t watch the videos until afterward.

Would love to know what you think if you have read the book. Enjoy!

Andrew Anderson

Raphael the Angel Of Capitalists, Ayn Rand And The Root Of All Evil And The Story Of Capitalism And Why The Economy Got To Be In This Mess

Rapheal, The Angel Of Capitalists

I am updating this post from last February. I think it is even more relevant now than then.

Did you know we Capitalists had our own Capitalist Angel? Kind of neat don’t you think?

Every since I was a little Kid, I knew that I was going to be a millionaire when I grew up. I always liked money from the standpoint that I had figured out that if you have it, you could get to do the things that you enjoyed. For me, this was to buy Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines and to buy items for my experiments that I constantly had going on.

My Mom indulged me in this and my bedroom was a constant disaster in that I usually was trying to grow some type of new yeast under the bed or tearing apart motors, or other mechanical devices on dresser and in the dresser. or on the floor. It was really an enter at your own risk environment.

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Happy Birthday Marine Corps!!!!

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Profit Consultant – Profits Are Still Out There

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