Today marks the US Marine Corps 234th Birthday and I would like to say Happy Birthday and thank you for your service to all of the Marines, past and present for your service.

Without you, I would not be able to post to my blog like this without fear of retribution and if not for you, I would probably be speaking German or Japanese, or possibly even Russian or Chinese!

The founding of the Marine Corps took place at the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia by a committee of the Continental Congress. A resolution was drafted to form two battalions of Marines providing a force to fight on land and sea. The resolution to form the USMC was approved Nov.10, 1775.

Currently the U.S. Marine Corps has 180,000 active duty members and is engaged in the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.  And to think that they all came about to protest a 5% tax increase.  Our current government should be glad they don’t have the founding fathers around today!

Happy Birthday Marines and thank you for your service!  It truly is much appreciated!


Andrew Anderson