Month: May 2011

Changing Is Easy

“Change” “Changing is easy compared to getting people to accept that you indeed have changed” Andrew Anderson This is true in business and in your personal life. When you truly decide to change something it usually happens nearly instantaneously.  Your behavior immediately follows another path, or the type of product or service you offer gets …

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Profit Consultant Money Gun

You Only Make Money When You Pull The Trigger

Profit Consultant Money Gun
Profit Consultant Money Gun

Pulling The Trigger = Making More Money

The vast majority of posts come from personal experiences that I am currently living. Well, here is one for you.

For most companies and you as a person, you really need to start pulling the trigger and then worry about aiming.

Read, aim, fire only applies to very few things… one of them being 400 yard shots.

What most of you don’t realize is that you only hit something when you pull the trigger.

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