“Changing is easy compared to getting people to accept that you indeed have changed” Andrew Anderson

This is true in business and in your personal life. When you truly decide to change something it usually happens nearly instantaneously.  Your behavior immediately follows another path, or the type of product or service you offer gets modified.

But, do not expect the people around you nor your customers to really believe it except on rare occasions. In fact the longer someone has known you or has been with you, the harder for them it is to deal with it even though more than likely it is for their benefit.

I only bring this up because I have yet once again been able to observe this phenomena up close and personal.

It will help if you keep a sense of humor about you if you are the one that changed something in your personal behavior or with your business.

The truth of the matter is very few people like change even if it is good for them and I swear that to be especially the case the better it is for them.  🙂


Profit Consultant - Andrew Anderson