Profit Consultant Money Gun
Profit Consultant Money Gun

Pulling The Trigger = Making More Money

The vast majority of posts come from personal experiences that I am currently living. Well, here is one for you.

For most companies and you as a person, you really need to start pulling the trigger and then worry about aiming.

Read, aim, fire only applies to very few things…  one of them being 400 yard shots.

What most of you don’t realize is that you only hit something when you pull the trigger.

I Am Going To Let You In On A SecretIt Should Be, Ready, Fire, Aim!

Guess what?  Did you know that you have a full magazine with virtually an unlimited amount of 10 gauge shotgun shells at your disposal?  And as long as it is pointed in the general direction of what you are shooting at your are going to hit something. You thought a 12 gauge was bad, a 10 gauges is badder. 🙂

The VAST majority of non-success or no success, or let’s just say it, Failure, comes from not pulling the trigger. It IS NOT FROM NOT HITTING THE TARGET. Because if you are not shooting you can’t say you failed. You are just not trying. The only way to get better at this and improve your aim is that you have to actually shoot rounds to zero in on your target.

Their is no prize for conserving ammo here.  Give me someone that is blazzing away at the target over someone that preps for it the whole freaking day, or days, or for weeks. Or has to tweak things or make them more complicated.  This is true in 99.99% of all business projects I see. Give me someone that can execute please….

You get a F if you can’t pull the trigger. You do not pass go, you will not collect two hundred dollars, you are screwed.    If you want to hit what you are aiming at you have a Bazillion percent better chance if you are pulling the trigger and actually firing away at the target.

In fact, keep on shooting and you will hit it.

So, pull the trigger already and quick dorking around and make some money. 🙂


Profit Consultant - Andrew Anderson