Why Clients Suck And Customers Are Great!

Clients Suck And Customers Rock!Why Clients Suck And Customers Are Great!

OK, what the heck am I talking about here you are asking? Well, over the past few years this has come become more and more clear for me. My partners and I have had hours and hours of conversations about this and we have come to unanimous conclusion. Clients SUCK and Customers are GREAT

Quotes For Entrepreneurs And Economic Free Choice

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“You Sir, are a Wingnut!” – Easy Anderson Here are some Quotes for my fellow Entrepreneurs and on the virtues of Economic Free Choice.  The first group is by Winston Churchill.  Probably one of the only truly honest and steadfast Politicians, Economists, and Leaders the World has seen in the past 100 years.  I have […]

Yes, You Do Have What It Takes To Be Successful

I am here to tell you that you have what it takes to be successful.  And I am going to give you a secret on how to make sure that you never forget it. Because if you do not believe deep in your soul, it is doubtful that other people or the Universe is going […]

Dramatically Increase Profits – The Duhh Factor

The Duhh Factor To Profits I got this in via email on Friday from one of my customers. "Your services were 1,000 times better than what I expected. I thought I would just try it out because it was such a good price. Lo and behold, it’s worked out wonderfully!"   I’m definitely going to […]

Apple And The iPhone And Piling On – A Trend Of The Times?

Bashing Success And Apologizing For Exceptionalism You must have heard by now that Apple has a few issues with the iPhone unless you were living in a cave.  Well, by all accounts if you get your news from the LameStream media, you would think that every iPhone is terrible and that the Government should step […]