The Duhh Factor To Profits

I got this in via email on Friday from one of my customers.

"Your services were 1,000 times better than what I expected. I thought I would just try it out because it was such a good price. Lo and behold, it’s worked out wonderfully!"
I’m definitely going to have you keep going. I appreciate your good work.
I love getting emails like that!
Jerret points out The Duhh Factor To Profits quite well and it is simply this.
"Offer A Good  Service At A Fair Price"
That is why I call it the Duhh factor.  But a lot of people try to make it much more complicated than that.  It truly is that simple.
When I say a good price, I don’t mean rock bottom either.  You need to make sure that you have a decent profit margin built in.
Because I have learned that giving people great deals on pricing will many times attract customers that are a royal pain in the ass quite frankly.  They are the ones that expect you to do things for free, don’t respect your time and have no clue as to how valuable your products and services are.
So, be careful with that.  They are also the ones that on one hand you will have another customer tell you how great you are and then they bitch and moan about the exact same product or service.
Here is Profit Consultant Tip #48. If  a customer starts whining or complaining even a little bit up front or need constant reassurances., run, don’t walk away from them.  It will only get worse and they will suck up any profits you thought you were going to make.  Also if they tell you that they had problems with other people in providing the same product or service, then the problem my not have been the other people, but the client.   If they tell you that, you need to start asking some serious questions. Because they never think it is their fault that things got screwed up.  This is true in at least 60%% of the time.  So, if you hear that, start digging and ask them some pointed questions about their expectations and what went on before with the other people that they worked with for sure!
What can you do to make your products or services better and make your pricing good?  If you truly offer good service at a good price, you will be far ahead of your competition.
Think about it. When was the last time you got really good service from anywhere?   How did that make you feel?….  My point exactly
Andrew "Easy" Anderson