One of the main rules of marketing is to find out where you customers are and market there.  Well guess what folks?  Your customers on  Social Media.

This is the latest from Nielson.

Now I am willing to bet they specifically did not ask about surfing for porn. LOL  And I am being serious here in that in other non-scientific studies at least for guys and an increasing number of couples and women, surfing for porn was the highest time usage of the Internet. But that is probably not too PC.  🙂

However, since most of you are not in the adult entertainment industry, do you see those numbers?  I mean look at them.

Do you see why I keep telling my customers to quite being stupid about Social Media?

As I have said time and time again here, if you are not in Social Media, there is a very good chance you could go out of business and if not that, you are losing a significant portion of your business to your competition that is using Social Media.

And if you are my clients competition, please keep disregarding Social Media!   🙂

Even if a business is using it badly (which 99% of all businesses are) they are still going to do A LOT better than you.

So, get your Twitter account set up and your Facebook account set up and then look at all of my posts on how to use it and if you have the money, hire me and you will blow away your competition.


Andrew “Easy” Anderson

PS.  You can Go Here to read the whole report.