Happy Thanksgiving And George Washington’s Original Thanksgiving Proclamation

Happy Thanksgiving And George Washington’s Original Thanksgiving Proclamation. I have made a recording of George Washington’s original Thanksgiving proclamation and also Thanksgiving wishes from me. I have also included the transcript below. Cheers, Andrew Anderson Happy Thanksgiving! Washington  you can download it as an MP3 here. George Washington’s 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation Whereas it is the […]

The True Thanksgiving Story

If you have never read this, you are in for a treat.  While there has been much revisionist history concerning what Thanksgiving is and was all about, here is the REAL story.  A hint (The triumph of Capitalism that saved the Pilgrims and therefore the US of A and you and me too!!!) Here is […]

Entrepreneureism Is Alive And Well

I had a great shot of enthusiasm over the weekend that I wanted to share with you.  It all came about because I had a few items that I wanted to sell or throw away.  So I put a couple of ads on Craigslist.com and ended up running into some rather interesting Entrepreneurs and people […]

Positive Mind Feed For Today

Good Morning, I like to start my day with some good positive mind feed to get me set for the day and normally I have a stash of audio, videos, or books that I look at but this morning was different and I did not have anything picked out from the night before. Well, I […]

Thanks To Our Miliatary

I would to say thanks to all of our Military, both past and present for your service and for your sacrifice.  It is appreciated and we will never forget. My prayers also go out to the victims of the Terrorist Attack in Texas at Fort Hood.  Just reminds us to be ever vigilant.  The pity […]

Happy Birthday Marine Corps!!!!

Today marks the US Marine Corps 234th Birthday and I would like to say Happy Birthday and thank you for your service to all of the Marines, past and present for your service. Without you, I would not be able to post to my blog like this without fear of retribution and if not for […]

Coke Got It! YEAAAA

Coke Got It!  YEAAAAA.   Coke finally got it and changed their website design. After half a dozen emails, and a bunch of blog posts,they finally got the message. They are also going to lose their Darwin Dodo Design Award that I gave to them last month as well. It is a good thing. I am […]